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Any issue which concerns the ecological and human environment - this covers everything from local transport pollution to the destruction of the ozone layer.
Sites [ Submit ] - Links, articles, and information on overpopulation, energy usage, climate change, and other issues. Cleaner and Greener Environment Program - Makes it easy for consumers and businesses to help clean up the environment. World Environment Day - Every 5th of June is a day used by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues and encourages political action. Includes press material, host cities, and pictures. Linkages - Online version of Earth Negotiations Bulletin, from the Canada-based International Institute for Sustainable Development. Extensive world news and analysis related to policy negotiations. Sections include forests and deserts, waters and oceans, and climate and atmosphere. With biographies and photos of dozens of expert consultants. COEJL: Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life - Group engages Jewish institutions and individuals in bringing the moral passion of Jewish tradition and social action to environmental stewardship in order to advance social justice, protect future generations, and strengthen the Jewish community. Almanac of Policy Issues: Environment - Links and background information on U.S. and global environmental issues, including issues such as air quality, water quality, global warming, wildlife, and energy conservation. Horizon Solutions Site - Database of solutions to environmental, development, population and health issues. - Environment - A review of environmental issues in the news. Zerofootprint - Works to link millions of people from across the globe engaged in sustainable commerce, and helping to inform people, who want to strive toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Green Festivals - Brings together enterprises, environmental groups, leaders, and citizens with the objective of strengthening the locally controlled, green economy and expanding popular support for policies aimed at sustainability and social justice. Information about festivals in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California. Yahoo! Green - Information on global warming and living green, including tools to calculate your carbon footprint and to make your own plans to save the planet.
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