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Planetizen - A public-interest information exchange for the urban planning and development community. Urban planning and development news, job opportunities, commentary and events. League of Conservation Voters - Focus on U.S. Congress -- information on proposed legislation, how Senators and Representatives voted on environmental issues, and pre-election evaluations of candidates. The Tragedy of the Commons, by Garrett Hardin (1968) - An essay that forms the background for much of free-market environmental thinking, which asks how property rights can be extended into commonly held resources, to promote incentives to protect (rather than harm) the environment. Oikos - Italian environmental activist organization. Environmentalism from the Right - conservative letter to the editor regarding environmental policy. Toxic Wells, NJ - A Satire - This tongue-in-cheek Chamber of Commerce brochure puts a brave face (and positive spin) on the problems of a mythical environmentally challenged town. Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) - Global treaty to protect human health and the environment from these chemicals. Includes background information, implementation plans for reducing production of the substances, and list of signatories. Environment - US presidential candidates' views on environmental issues. ARS Progetti S.P.A. - A consulting firm working all over the world. It is also a think-tank elaborating themes of environment, human rights and culture. Ocean Champions - is a national political organization focused solely on the oceans whose goal is to develop bipartisan political support in the U.S. Congress. Green Republican Party - Supports Republicans and Conservatives who recognize the dangers of global warming. The site also discusses other issues such as pollution, health, and education. The Go Green Blog - RSS feed service providing information, facts and answers about the on going debate over the environment.
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