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DMOZLive charges a one-time $9.95 review fee for permanent additions and updates to the directory. Submissions are immediately viewable in the directory. Submission are subsequently reviewed by a directory editor to verify correct placement and compliance with the directory submission guidelines.

Requests for site removal from the directory are free of charge. Removal requests are regularly reviewed and processed by a directory editor.

To make a submission, start by navigating to the desired category in the directory where you would like to submit a change. Find the category that most closely matches the purpose of your site. Click the "Submit" button at the top of the "Sites" list to start the submission processes.

Detailed Instructions:

Click the "Home" button at the top of this page to start at the top of the directory. Select a top level category that describes your web site. Continue selecting sub-categories until you arrive at a category that contains a "Sites" list.

Click "Submit" at the top of the "Sites" list to start the submission process. If the category contains additional sub-categories, you may prefer one of those if it is a better fit for your site.

To request removal of a site from the directory, navigate to the category that contains the site, then click "Submit" at the top of the "Sites" list. Choose "Remove Site" and follow the instructions.

Please review the following submission requirements. All submissions are reviewed by a directory editor who will verify correct placement and compliance with these directory submission guidelines. Violations may be corrected or removed by the directory editor.

The following restrictions apply to site submissions:
  • Site must not contain adult content.
  • Site must contain original content and not be under construction.
  • Site content must not be primarily affiliate links, ads, or banners.
  • Site must not contain expressions of hatred or violence.

A site listing consists of a site name and description, as shown below:
Acme Widgets  - Offers a wide selection of widgets and accessories.

Follow these guidelines:
  • Site name must be the name of the site or domain name.
  • Capitalize each word in the site name (e.g., Dragon’s Den Collectibles).
  • Site description should concisely describe the site’s content or purpose.
  • Site description must be free of promotional language.
  • Site description must be objective and unbiased (e.g., avoid terms like “most popular”, “coolest”, and “cheapest”).

Site removal requests may only be submitted by the owner of the web site.
To submit this request you must be one of the following:
  • You are the registered owner of the web site domain (e.g., http://arcadegames.com).
  • You are the owner of the web site hosted at a shared domain (e.g., http://facebook.com/arcadegames).
  • You are an authorized agent representing the owner of the web site.

See the "Getting Started" section above for instructions on how to submit a site removal request.

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