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Farmland Information Center - A clearinghouse for information about farmland protection and stewardship. It is a partnership between the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and American Farmland Trust. Campaign to Protect Rural England - National charity devoted to protecting and enhancing rural England. Encourages the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country. Grow Smart Rhode Island - A statewide non-profit organization that promotes sensible alternatives to suburban sprawl and urban decay. Greenbelt Alliance - Conservation and smart growth organization dedicated to protecting the region’s open spaces and ensuring cities grow in a way that creates great neighborhoods for everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Greater Ohio - A statewide network promoting policies that encourage redevelopment of Ohio's cities and towns and conservation of farmland and open space. Envision Utah - Public-private partnership promoting quality growth with goals in air quality, transportation options, open space preservation, housing, infrastructure, and community-friendly taxation. Sprawl-Busters - One of the most comprehensive and earliest sites to target sprawl, by Al Norman, "anti-sprawl guru" and consultant. Arguments and statistics to support campaigns against sprawl developments. Reading list, news, list of towns that have defeated mega-retail proposals. Congress for the New Urbanism - News, information and other resources from an organization which promotes the restoration of cities and the creation of human-oriented livable communities with a sense of place. Smart Growth Network - The Smart Growth Network helps create national, regional and local coalitions to support intelligent and sustainable growth. Scenic America - Information and resources from an advocacy organization that wants to protect the scenic qualities of communities and roadways. Preservation Institute - Information and resources about alternatives to dehumanizing modern trends on social and environmental quality. Sprawl Watch - Clearinghouse with news, information and resource links about land-use, community planning and preservation. Moving Sustainable Development from Theory to Practice in the U.S. - A quick-study outline of sustainable development for planners and policy-makers, with extensive web references for more in-depth information on each topic. Written by Beryl Magilavy, past director of San Francisco's Department of the Environment. Smart Growth BC - A non-profit society that works to limit sprawl in British Columbia. Includes case studies, examples and local news. Sierra Club: Stopping Sprawl - The Challenge to the Sprawl Campaign works to fight poorly planned runaway development and promotes smart growth communities. National Town Builders Association - Serves builders and developers in an effort to build traditional neighborhoods and town centers though smart growth principles. Campaign for Sensible Growth - Coalition of government, civic, and business leaders in northeastern Illinois. Presents information on the campaign, news, and resources. The Funders' Network - A resource for foundations, nonprofit organizations, and other partners working to solve the problems created by suburban sprawl and urban disinvestment. Environmental Protection Agency: Smart Growth - Includes introduction and detailed information on smart growth, plus news, publications, and policies. Wikipedia: Urban Sprawl - Publicly-editable encyclopedia entry supplies examples and arguments for and against sprawl. Save Our Land, Save Our Towns Inc. - Charitable corporation promotes changes in attitudes and policies that promote suburban sprawl. Smart Growth America - Nationwide coalition promoting a better way to grow; one that protects farmland and open space, revitalizes neighborhoods, keeps housing affordable, preserves scenic and historic resources, and makes communities more livable.
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