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The scientific study of material remains (such as artifacts and monuments) of past human life and activities. The archaeologist's objective is to gain an understanding of a culture or civilization by examining these objects and their use.
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Archaeology Info - Covers significant discoveries from archaeology about human origins. Illustrated descriptions of hominids, with references. Articles, images, bookstore and links. The Archaeology Channel - Archaeology and related subjects presented through streaming media by the Oregon-based Archaeological Legacy Institute. Videos can be viewed on-line and purchased. Archaeology - Articles and directory of Internet sites, including a world atlas of archaeology on the web. Archaeological Research Resources - Internet directory maintained by Historic Archaeological Research of history and archaeology web sites, including organizations, directories, technical references, online publications. Archaeology Pages - Archaeology related articles and galleries by James Q. Jacobs, covering archaeogeodesy, prehistory, paleoanthropology, the Andes, Mesoamerica, American Southwest and rock art. Archaeology: An Introduction - Kevin Greene's selection of Internet links to supplement the 4th edition of his book, by chapter and section, with alphabetical index. ArchArt - A directory of photographs for educational use relating to archaeology and art history. Archaeolink - Reviewed and categorized directory of resources on archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations. ArchaeologyOnline - Archaeology web sites, with some anthropology thrown in. Saving Antiquities For Everyone - Highlights issues related to cultural heritage and its vulnerability to looting and the illicit antiquities trade. SAFE's mission is to increase public awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage worldwide. Unearthing Cultural Treasures - Op ed piece from the St. Petersburg Times. Wikipedia Portal: Archaeology - A gateway to the many articles on archaeology in this online collaborative encyclopedia. Includes news and featured articles and images. Introduction to Ancient Culture - Virtual trip through ancient sites across the world. Ancient-Wisdom.Co.Uk - The lost chapters of history. Prehistoric science and technology. Anomalous archaeology. Index of ancient and sacred sites. Bibliographies for Anthropological Research - Tennessee Archaeology Net provides categorized bibliographies.
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