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Earth science, also known as geoscience, is the study of the physical properties of the land, atmosphere, inland waters and oceans on earth.
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National Research Council (U.S.) Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources - Scope includes atmospheric sciences, climate, oceanography, solid-earth sciences, radioactive waste management, polar research, environmental science and toxicology, natural disasters, and water science. Commission reports cover scientific/technical aspects of public policy issues in these areas. The Global Change Master Directory, Goddard Space Flight Center - A comprehensive directory of information about Earth science data, including broad coverage of the oceans, atmosphere, hydrosphere, solid earth, biosphere and human dimensions of global change. Earth Science Australia - Earth science resources, images, freeware for students and teachers as well as general information about earth science in Australia. NASA - Earth Science Division - Research center focusing on ecosystem science technology, atmospheric physics and chemistry, and airborne sensors. Includes list of research projects, discoveries, education outreach efforts, news, seminars, and publications. Geo-Glossary Online - Contains equivalent geological and geographical terms in four languages (German, English, Norwegian and Dutch). International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme - Focused on acquiring basic scientific knowledge about the interactive processes of biology and chemistry of the earth as they relate to Global Change. Agesearch - Geoscientific search engine which identifies the geological time context of web searches, helping the user to estimate the stratigraphy of web searches. GeoRef Information System - Bibliographic database of geoscience literature.
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