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Sites describing the methodology employed in archaeology and allied scientific disciplines that contribute to the dating or evaluation of objects discovered in archaeological investigation.
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Archeology Mapping - Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. explain the technology and use of geophysical survey methods in archeology for non-invasively mapping the subsurface and features within it. Archaeology Theory and Method Discussion - Moderated discussion list whose purpose is to provide a venue for discussing archaeological and anthropological theory and archaeological methodology. Arch-Experiment Mailing List - Discussion of all aspects of experimental archaeology and archaeological reconstructions especially focused on groups carrying out experimental archaeology in Britain. Arch-Theory Mailing List - Mailing list for international discussions, reviews, and exchanges of information in archaeological theory and associated fields of interest. Experimental Archaeology - An essay by Dr Peter Reynolds, Director of Butser Ancient Farm, 'The Nature of Experiment in Archaeology'. Archaeology in the City - The archaeological heritage of each city, the result of slow stratification, is limited and has a tendency to disappear in the course of new building construction and new developments. Sibling Rivalry? The Intersection of Archaeology and History - A response to Vansina's article, "Historians, are archaeologists your siblings?". Power is in the Details - Political Economy of World-Systems 2002 Conference article by Mitch Allen. The expansion of the Ancient Near Eastern core has been addressed by world-systems scholars for two decades now, since it represented the earliest documented case of strong core and peripheral differentiation. Magnetic "Pollution" of Archaeological Sites - Archaeological practices and their effect on Geophysical survey results, with suggestions for new standards. The Secrets of Alloys - Account by the European Commission of analysis of objects from the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman times to determine the composition of the alloys used by these civilisations. 3H Consulting Ltd.: Site Recorder 4 - Survey management program for underwater archaeology. Download manuals and reports. Features product information and company news. Believers in the Lost Ark - From Guardian Unlimited, treating myth as fact misunderstands the meaning of religion.
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