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Controversial, unorthodox and pseudo-scientific approaches to the material remains of past cultures.
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Paleolithic Art Magazine - Promotes acknowledgment and interpretation of paleolithic art everywhere in the world, and of the origins of Man. In English and Italian. Places of Peace and Power - Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray. MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crustal Shift - From the Talk.Origins newsgroup archive, disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 - Disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series, with references Earthlore Explorations - Cultural legacies of our world. Features include gothic dreams, earthlore from Ireland, mythic worlds, mysteries of lost and hidden histories. Mysteries of Ancient History and Archaeology - Follow the traces of the famous Amazons, the ancient history of Malta and the enigmatic culture of the Berbers Mysterious Places - Mali, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and other ancient civiliations and sacred sites in a visually stunning and thought provoking site. The Amazons of Lemnos - Connections between Amazonian myth and the Greek island Lemnos. The Daily Grail - Descriptive links to news items concerning esoterica, including ancient mysteries. The Talk.Origins Archive: Catastrophism FAQs - Arguments for and against Catastrophic theories Museum of Unnatural Mystery - Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions. Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association - Includes comprehensive information on the subject of astroarchaeology and extraterrestrials on earth. Very connected to Erich von Däniken and his ideas. The Sacred Landscape - Catherine Yronwode's collection of illustrated essays on sacred sites, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, and vernacular sacred architecture. Blekinge's Most Ancient Runic Inscriptions - Örjan Svensson presents a new interpretation of remarkable Old Futhark inscriptions in Blekinge, Sweden, in the light of Kjell Aartun's assertion that Old Futhark inscriptions are manifestations of a Semitic fertility cult. World Mysteries - Explore lost civilizations and cultures, mystic places, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Biographies of popular proponents of alternative theories. LexiLine - Original ideas regarding ancient civilizations, archaeoastronomy, Stonehenge and biblical mysteries. Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies - Online editions of the bi-monthly Science Frontiers digest, produced by William R. Corliss Mythology's MythingLinks: Land: Sacrality & Lore - Collection of links to sites featuring sacred landscapes, stone circles, labyrinths, spiral mounds and mountains. Archaeological Cover-ups - Evidence of anomalous archaeological artifacts from around the world. Doug's Archaeology Site: Skeptical Views of Fringe Archaeology - A skeptical archaeology site. It contains references to other sites and articles not found elsewhere which expose 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology. Analyzing the Vinland Map - Interactive presentation of evidence in chemistry, cartography, pigments, and archeology, bearing on the question of the authenticity (or lack of it) of the allegedly 15th-century map showing "Vinland". Archaeological Forgeries - Shinichi Fujimura, the Vinland Map, the Piltdown Man, Kensington Stone, and other archaeological fakes. Polynesian Pathways - Article by Peter Marsh explores the origins of the people of Polynesia. Includes a location map. The Signposts Perspectives: 700 Million BC - 50,000 BC - A timeline of facts and possibilities regarding lost civilizations and technologies, prehistoric catastrophism and evolutionary twists. The Solomon Series - Provides information on a project, videos and book series that claims to solve historical, scientific, theological and Biblical mysteries. Megalithomania Conference - Annual conference dealing with megaliths, lost civilisations and earth mysteries. Includes gallery, information about speakers and reviews of past events. Held in Glastonbury, England. Mysteries of the World - Alan F Alford writes about various mysteries including Atlantis, the Nazca lines, the stones of Baalbek and the Ark of the Covenant. The Realm of Paradise - All about Dalamatia City, supposedly the first place of civilization built by the sons of God 500,000 years ago and destroyed 200,000 years ago through sudden land submergence and a tidal wave. The Nature of the Gods - Is there evidence recorded in myths and legends that there have been global disasters which have destroyed ancient civilisations? Could these catastrophes explain the true nature of the gods? Paul Whitesman discusses these topics. Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations - Alexander Koltypin's theory of how "gods" and dragon-people lived on Earth 66 million years ago, until 34 million years ago, when space invaders landed on the Earth 35 and 25 million years ago, then the planet was in a state of war from 24 million years ago until the present. Satellite Discoveries and Google Earth Anomalies - Analyzes satellite imagery for the use of archaeological discovery. Underwater objects, Giza face and the like.
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