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The paranormal deals with that which cannot be scientifically explained. ESP, Extraterrestrial Life, Psychic Powers, Ghosts and other topics are covered here.
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Mysterious Britain - Resource highlighting the ghosts, legends, folklore, and paranormal mysteries within the British Isles. Truth Seeker Forum - Provides information on ongoing research, exploration and enlightened discussion of subjects such as UFO close encounters, Bigfoot and health sciences. Psychic Science - International network and community designed to bring together individuals with interests in metaphysics, psychical phenomena and parapsychology. - Video sharing community. Includes videos and forum. ParaResearchers - Articles covering topics such as Ontario UFOs, alien experiences, ghosts and hauntings and folklore. Subconscious Perception - Submit, share and view great stories, dreams and experiences. The Shadowlands: Mysteries and the Unexplained - Numerous areas of the supernatural world are covered in detail. Topics range from Bigfoot to the Jersey Devil, to sea serpents and lake monsters, to Spring Heeled Jack. Spirit Home - An eye on the paranormal offers information about mysterious secrets and phenomena. Mystical Blaze - Dealing with the exploration of paranormal topics, including ghosts, psychics, afterlife, and UFOs. Project X - An on-line spiritual community that shares personal supernatural experiences. Hercolubus or Red Planet - Free book available by mail, about earth changes, extraterrestrials, astral projection and consciousness growth. Hidden Influences Paranormal - Interactive tools including dream interpretation and a color therapy test. Blog. The Time Travel Tale of John Titor - This site contains the posts of a time traveler describing the year 2036. Includes photos of his reported time machine. -Time Travel - Features articles, movie and book reviews. Etemenanki - Subjects discussed include hidden history/reality of Earth, mythology, symbology, prophecies, ancient/esoteric traditions, Atlantis, Mars, secret societies, and grand conspiracies, decoding patterns and symbols of worldly phenomena. the Mystica - Contains articles on a variety of topics including ESP, bilocation, Psi, telepathy, psychokinesis and auras. Veritas Society - An online community teaching their approach to the metaphysical arts, such as psi, chi, and magick, through a wiki and public forums. Gef - The Eighth Wonder of the World - Explores the case of this talking mongoose, a poltergeist-like entity who allegedly haunted a family on the Isle of Man in the early 1930's. Overview of the story plus information about investigations. Psychic Revolution - Articles, images and videos on such subjects as the afterlife, ghost stories and unexplained mysteries. The Smokey Mirror - News and articles on such subjects as ghosts, UFOs and 'Big Brother'. Mostly Ghosts - Also includes unexplained phenomena and UFOs. Pictures, videos and EVP recordings. Scare Diaries - User submitted tales sorted into categories such as demons, dreams and ghosts. Whales in Space - Articles covering subjects such as sasquatch, UFOs and cryptids. Sighting submission and contact form. LoveToKnow: Paranormal - Topics include ghost cams, hauntings, astral projection, psychic abilities and ouija board stories. Midnight Hollow - Articles posted in categories such as ghosts, UFOs, the unexplained and legends. Odd Encounters - Articles about interactions with ghosts, UFOs and cryptids. Contact details for reader submissions. MysteryPile - Categories include ancient aliens, spiritual beliefs, time and space and natural phenomena. - Videos, stories and short films on ghosts and UFOs. Also offers news. John E.L. Tenney's Weird Lectures - Lists upcoming events and booking information. Includes media mentions and some articles. The Ghost Diaries - Articles in categories such as aliens, unexplained and conspiracies. Panicd - Database of haunted locations. A 'parapedia' (encyclopedia of the paranormal), profiles of the investigative team and personal experiences. Angels and Ghosts - Articles. Also exploring demons, spirits and other phenomena such as the Near Death Experience and reincarnation. Booger Lights - Blog detailing luminary anomalies from across the American South. The Psychics Forum - Blog covering various subjects. Occult Mystery - Covers topics such as black magic, myths, numerology and palmistry. Dream Energy Academy - Online school offering a number of courses covering subjects such as distant healing, telepathy and yoga. Provides videos and photographs and a profile of the teachers. Sixty Seven Not Out - Blog covering subjects such as coincidences, life after death and out of body experiences. The Red Pill - Wiki with articles covering subjects such as aliens, conspiracies and cryptozoology. Mystic Mouse - Offers articles on subjects such as crop circles, Tarot, Tantra, scrying and Reiki. Also offers links. Project Camelot - Provides video interviews with people, including whistle blowers. Topics covered include conspiracies, remote viewing and UFOs. Posts events and a blog.
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