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Reincarnation category deals with the belief in a soul that survives death of a body and is reborn in another. This belief is common to many cultures and listings engage the reader in exploring and studying these beliefs.
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Reincarnation - Its Meaning and Consequences - Ernest Valea examines the history and prevalence of reincarnation in world religions and popular belief. Reincarnation - A comprehensive examination of the origins and prevalence of reincarnation as a concept in world religious traditions. Includes both Eastern and Western traditions as well as ancient and modern views. Wikipedia - Reincarnation - The origins and historical development of reincarnation as a concept and belief in world religious traditions. Another View of Reincarnation - Jean Parent examines reincarnation as a key role in man's redemption and salvation, from a Biblical perspective. (English/French) The Question of Reincarnation - Article about life, death and reincarnation, from a Christian Spiritualist perspective. Reincarnation - An essay on the Western origins of reincarnation as a philosophical concept and religious belief. In Another Life - Reincarnation in America - Supporting website for documentary film on reincarnation. Includes film preview, related articles, collection of personal accounts, book reviews and on-line store. A Note on Past Lives - Author and spiritual teacher L. Ron Hubbard writes about reincarnation and its effects on our present lives. The Implications of Reincarnation in Today's World - Provides free information on experiencing past lives and the implications that past lives have on present life. Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation: Past Life Readings as Religious Symbology - Essay by J. Gordon Melton analyzing some of the readings and other materials left by Edgar Cayce about reincarnation. The Reincarnation FAQ - Information about reincarnation from scientific, religious and mystical perspectives. Includes examples of past life memory, supporting articles, bibliography, information about past life regression and on-line bookstore. Preparation for Reincarnation - Eva Broch Pierrakos discusses the process of reincarnation and how we can influence our next life through the choices we make now. Pathwork Guide Lecture, no. 34. Scientific American: Ian Stevenson’s Case for the Afterlife - A blog entry written by Jesse Bering outlining Professor. Stevenson's research on past life memories. Express: "Reincarnation is Real" - Intertwines the theories of consciousness survival and reincarnation by suggesting a departing soul can find a new brain. Cites the case of James Leninger believed to be a downed aircraft pilot.
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