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The Otherkin are those people who believe themselves to be spiritually and/or physically other than human. While mythological species (elves, satyrs, fairies, dragons, and so on) are widely accepted as being included under the term "Otherkin", many people in the community prefer to include aliens, vampires, furries, extraterrestrial humans, and other nonhuman races. From:
Sites [ Submit ] - Emails lists, comprehensive FAQ on who and what being Otherkin means, links to other resources, poetry, stories, and introduction, with a special emphasis on Otherkin Multiples and Hosting. Otherkin.Net - A community website, with an introduction, FAQ, and articles addressing issues such as awakening, spirituality and tolerance. Also, humor, links, poetry, filk, stories, mailing lists, chatroom, and event calendar. Elenari Net - Articles, history, and community for Elenari on the web. What the Heck's an Otherkin? - Quick page introducing the concept. Walking the Thresholds - Information, registration, directions, and history for a gathering of Otherkin held yearly. Yet Another Otherkin Site - Describes being Otherkin from a personal perspective. Includes reference to KinSouth, a yearly Otherkin gathering in Florida. Embracing Mystery - A message board to share Otherkin knowledge and memories, explore white and dark magick, death, and the 'real world'. Realmscape - Information on various spiritual and esoteric topics, but mainly on Otherkin. The Vampire Connection Pages - A message forum to bring people of the vampiric lifestyle together, catering to both psi and blood vampirism as well as therianthropy. The Otherkin Community - A forum and article resource for otherkin from all over the world. AnOtherWiki - A free encyclopedia written by, for, and about the Otherkin community. Also includes information on the therian and real vampire communities.
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