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Literally "rule by the people," democracy is a system of government in which the candidates or policies which garner the widest support of the populace (usually measured by direct voting) are adopted. In addition to theoretical considerations of democratic government and competing democratic systems, this category also includes organizations and resources on subjects such as democracy-building and enlivening debate in democratic societies.
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Institute for Multiparty Democracy IMD - Supports the process of democratisation in young democracies. Based in The Hague, Guatemala and Maputo (Mozambique). Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) - The world organization of parliaments. Site about parliamentary democracy, elections, human rights, participation of women in politics, and about how it all works on the level of national legislative institutions and internationally. Free China Movement - Information and statements from the movement, with a discussion forum. National Democratic Institute for International Affairs - Non-profit organization associated with the Democratic Party of the United States. Site describes current programs and research projects on the development of democracy, as well as a searchable resource exchange for democratic activists and practitioners. Comparative Democratization Project - A Stanford University project studying emerging democracies. Features a large directory of Internet resources, a collection of syllabi from leading democracy scholars, and seminar papers. Democracy - Personal page posits that the "essence of Democracy" the way Greeks from antiquity meant it and lived it, is the exact opposite of the so-called "democracies" of today. IDEA - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - Objective is to promote and advance sustainable democracy and to improve and consolidate electoral processes world-wide. Center for International Policy - Founded in 1975 to promote a U.S. foreign policy that reflects democratic values. The Western Democratic Tradition - An explanation and description of the western democratic tradition by a professor of constitutional law. CITIDEP - A non-profit, multi-national research institution on participatory democracy, with focus on the impact of information technologies. Site lists activities, research areas, papers, and events. UNDP Democratic Governance - United Nations work on new or restored democracies. Includes projects, documents, statements, resources and related General Assembly resolutions. National Endowment for Democracy - A private, nonprofit, grant-making organization created to strengthen democratic institutions around the world. Offers access to research and analysis of democratic development around the world. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor - One of the four bureaus that comprise the Office of the Under Secretary for Global Affairs. Responsibilities include promoting democracy worldwide, formulating U.S. human rights policies, and coordinating policy in human rights-related labor issues. Maximiliano Herrera Human Rights Site - Personal site dedicated to the promotion of the freedom and the democracy around the world. Includes international election calendar, freedom ratings, links to international media and organizations, and a list of countries facing political instability. Ethic of Citizenship - Introduces the book "Toward an Ethic of Citizenship Creating a Culture of Democracy for the 21st Century". Websters World of Cultural Democracy - A Web center for information and discussion about the world of cultural democracy. Foundation for Democracy in Africa - A Washington based non-profit, nonpartisan organization focused on strengthening and enhancing the fundamental principles of democracy, and freedom in Africa. - A free, non-partisan, local/global, issue-specific, democratic forum system designed to enable humanity to define, proclaim and achieve common goals. Network for Economic and Political Democracy - Aims to create the conditions for an alternative to New Labour and a new, truly democratic society. - Aims to increase the American public's participation in the legislative processes for more democratic representation. Reports current events in Congress and State legislatures and offers communication between Citizens, legislators and interest groups. International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) - A plan to transform the ruthless competition of globalization into global cooperation. Time to Reengineer Democracy? - An invitation to a broad discussion to explore a reengineering of democracy for the better of all people on earth. Wikipedia: Democracy - Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about the theory, types and history of the democratic political system. Ratifiers for Democracy - A democratic model that harmonizes representative and direct democracy, to ensure that legislation is citizen-mandated, and to be a loophole-free way to clean up the control that money and special interests now have in politics. Democracy Chronicles - International team of over fifty authors writing about the struggle for free and fair elections on every continent, with a focus on election reform in the United States. Democracy Watch - An independent, non-profit, non-partisan Canadian citizen advocacy organization seeking to empower Canadians as voters, citizens, taxpayers, and consumers. Democracies Online - Promoting the development and sustainability of online civic participation and democracy efforts around the world through experience, outreach, and education. World Movement for Democracy - Nongovernmental effort to strengthen democracy where it is weak, to reform and invigorate democracy even where it is longstanding, and to bolster pro-democracy groups in countries that have not yet entered into a process of democratic transition.
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