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Political philosophy, or philosophy of government, attempts to understand the functioning of civil society and civic participation through rational means.
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The Nature of Pure Democracy - The nature and significance of the appearance of democracy in a civilization. Biblical Theocracy - Topics discussed include Aristotle's politics, pros and cons of Christian Democracy, the practical possibility of theocracy. Neoliberalism - Attempts to summarise neoliberalism as a philosophy, not simply as economics. Hierarchic Democracy and the Necessity of Mass Civil Disobedience - Ted Honderich on how gross differentials in economic power, and hence political power, make a mockery of conventional assumptions about "liberal democracy", as practiced in the United States and Britain. TYSK - The Philosophy of Government Department - Links to articles and essays on the formulation of the U.S. government from an "original intent" perspective. Serendipity: Liberty and Democracy - John Stuart Mill's essay On Liberty,other articles deaing with liberty, freedom and democracy. Equality - Survey of social and political equality; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Stefan Gosepath. Constitutionalism - Philosophical survey of the idea that government should be limited in its powers by law; from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Wil Waluchow. How to Make Russia a Normal Country - Publication by Matthew Maly on Russian transition to democracy and market economy. Bio, resume, articles and books. The Chains of the Consitution - Essay exploring the history of American constitutionalism. Radical - About the philosophical basis of the Radical Middle movement. Manifesto, papers, and links. Sovereignty - Modern notion of political authority of supreme authority within a territory; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Dan Philpott. Political Theory Daily Review - A portal weblog on political theory and philosophy, updated every weekday. Links to articles and essays that can be read free of charge and that are relevant to the field of political theory, broadly conceived to cover a wide range of subjects, perspectives, and methodologies. There are also several supporting pages that serve as guides for resources found online. Identities: How Governed, Who Pays? - Serialized amateur study of group identity politics, social conflict, and political philosophy in history by H.B. Paksoy. Foundations of Political Theory - Organized section of the American Political Science Association promoting research, teaching, and professional development. News, publications, and awards. Political Thought - Political blog including religious thought, current affairs. American Prophet - Provides political news, commentary and articles with a Christian slant. Republican Manifesto - Narrative essay advocating individual freedom, supply-side economics, capitalism, the right to work and other features of the American system. On Equality - The many principles of equality foisted on egalitarianism, and their worth by Prof. Ted Honderich.
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