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In systems of direct democracy, the entire citizenry is given franchise in deciding public policy. This differs from systems of republican and representative democracy, in which citizens vote only to elect representatives and on specific initiatives or plebiscites for which public referendum is approved. This category includes both sites which advocate the complete replacement of representative democracy with direct democracy, and those which seek to expand the use and scope of referenda and plebiscites in making public policy.
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Democracy - Details aspects of democracy that are anathema to modern day politicians. Direct Democracy Center - Proposes a Constitutional Amendment to enfranchise all Americans into the political process through an electronic polling system connected to every home. Includes a repository of information about and links to other efforts to empower all of "The People." Coalition for National Referendum - Organization which seeks to use a national referendum to resolve divisive issues in the United States. Movement for Direct Democracy - Describes reasons for change, thoughts on strategy, and a schematic for voting by digital telephone. ReDemocracy - Seeks a five-year trial where the authority of ONLY the non-emergency powers of ONLY the U.S. House of Representatives is vested in the people through periodic electronic, phone and absentee or USPS mail voting. DDemocracy Meeting Place - Large list of direct democracy sites arranged by country, with new URL's added by visitors; resources on voting systems and theories; message board. I&R: Citizens' Initiative and Referendum - Proposals and campaign resources for direct democracy such as citizens' initiative, referendum, and recall in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Initiative and Referendum Institute - Non-profit non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to the expansion of the initiative and referendum process in the US. QUALIA V: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Participatory Democracy. - Father Jerome talks about spirituality and consciousness and relates Einsteinian principles to participatory democracy. Direct Democracy - Wikipedia - Encyclopedia-style description of the term "direct democracy" with links for further research. Beyond Plutocracy - True Democracy for America - Hosts the entire content of a full-length free book presenting a redesign of the American government. Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement - The official web site of the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement founded in Greece in the year 2000. Citizens' Initiatives Amendment - Voter Initiatives Assembly to manage, process and select Initiatives. Nationwide Electorate to vote on Initiatives at elections. Constitutional safeguards to protect Assembly from improper influence. National Citizens Initiative for Democracy - Seeks a Constititutional amendment to establish a "Legislature of the People" in the United States. Describes rationale and basic principles, outlines action plan, and links to activism resources.
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