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Description Proposed systems for determining governance and/or policy which differ from and are offered as potential replacements for existing political systems.
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Joan Bardina Studies Center - Political and economic proposals based on transparent markets, global and universal telematic currency, and basic income. Panarchy - A gateway to original texts and documents on panarchy, polyarchy, and anarchy in English, French, Italian, and German. Includes related libertarian and anarchist links. Fair Choice - Promotes a voting system giving more weight to votes of poorer people. - Advocates ranking candidates on election ballots, with the goal of eliminating the 'wasted' vote or 'spoiler' candidacy. Freetimea Project - Project to create a new social/political/economic system that will peacefully supersede nations and form the basis for a new global civilization. Reformist - A centre for collaborative development of proposals for the reformation of government, legal systems, economic and trade structures and school syllabuses Polyarchy - Advocates "the multiplication of centres and the empowerment of people - going beyond the ideologies of statism and capitalism." Blueprint for a New Confederation - Presents a constitutional framework applying the rational self-interest model and the market mechanisms of modern economics to intra and inter-governmental behaviour, based on a paper published by the Fremskrittspartiets Utredningsinstitutt. Constitutional Theory Through Practice - Advocates a proposed new constitution for the U.S. with strictly limited powers and a novel organization loosely based on English parliamentary democracy. Stewardship - Advocates and explains theory of stewardship. Provides links to current stewardship projects, research, and positions on current issues. World Prosperity - Network of sites with propositions for reform in education, health, government, and other areas. Innovations in Democracy - Collecting and sharing concepts, ideas and information about empowering the governed to self-determination. Offers a large list of sites which propose various means to more democratic systems. Tychiformation - A proposed new system to shape the future of civilization through application of systematic planning processes that involve direct public participation, from an anynomous urban planner's perspective. Global Leadership - Proposes to prepare humanity for an "approaching paradigm shift from fragmented nationalistic societies to a cohesive global civilization," ~ "based on peace and justice for all." Institut of Social Threefolding - The threefolding aims to achieve constitutional reorganization of society and an accurate allocation of social phenomena, through the concept of a differentiation of society into the fields of cultural sphere, economic sphere and rights sphere. Evolutionist Order - A proposed system featuring a career "politician class" and popular party, influenced by Plato, Marx, democracy, and other philosophies. Sullivan, Dan: Geolibertarian home page - Includes an introduction to the geolibertarianism. Vivant - A political movement of Belgian origin advocating basic income as a next step in the social development of countries.
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