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This category holds links on programming languages created by Dr. Niklaus Wirth (Pascal; Modula, Modula-2; Oberon), or derived directly therefrom (GNU Pascal; Delphi, Free Pascal; Obliq; Modula-3; Lagoona, Component Pascal). All are compiled, except Obliq. Wirth, now retired, lives, and worked at ETH Zürich, in Zürich, Switzerland. Some people think Ada is a Wirth language, and even send emails stating such. Ada was the work of several big groups, first in the US, and then Europe, over many years. Unlike true Wirth languages, Ada was not derived directly from any one or more Wirth language. Some aspects of Ada are derived from, or strongly influenced by, some Wirth concepts (especially Pascal) but this is true of many (most?) modern programming languages. Wirth was one of many who helped develop the "Strawman" document that defined the early requirements for what became Ada, documented in Ada - The Project: The DoD High Order Language Working Group. Exactly how much the final result reflects Wirth's input is unclear. If you can provide further documentation showing that Wirth had more direct or significant involvement in the Ada development process, please email the URL to directory editor jerryobject.
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