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Anything related to the Ada programming language has a home here.

This category is currently undergoing a major overhaul, so please just overlook the unfinished state.
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SIGAda - ACM Special Interest Group on Ada: information on SIGAda organization and pointers to current information and resources for the Ada programming language. Ada Home - Home of the brave Ada programmers - an Ada resource site. AdaIC - The Ada Information Clearinghouse provides information and resources on Ada. - Extensive resource: developer resources, tools; FAQs, links, source code, people, references, books; COM/DCOM, CORBA; Linux, and Windows. OC Systems - Powerful Testing, Debugging and Development Tools. Ada Programming Language - Contains resources, a search, news and clips. Who's Using Ada? - Real-world projects powered by Ada. Ada95 MTV API - The following picture graphically shows an example of the MTV Builder generated Ada95 API. Ada Archive Ada95 Projects Database - Ada Archive (AJPO). NYU Gnat Archive - The place to download the public version of the GNAT Ada compiler and related packages. GNAT Libre Software Developers - The Libre software site for Ada developers. Links on Ada web server, compiler and visual debugger. Ada in Action - Do-While Jones' "Ada in Action" book in several formats. Dirk's Pointers to Ada Related Information - In case you are wondering why people are interested to use Ada as a teaching language, even as the language of choice for a first programming course at universities. In the Movie Out There - Ada reference in the movie Out There. The Addition of Persistence to Ada95 and its Consequences - Research into persistent programming languages and systems.
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