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This category is on programming languages and documents that partly or fully support the basic principles of procedural programming: programmers must specify exact sequences of steps (procedures) computers must follow to produce results.
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Profan2 - Full language with scripting/batch abilities, database development system, built-in ODBC interface, interpreter and compiler. For Windows, common in Germany, easy to make English version. English page on website. [freeware (early version), commercial] COX - C with Operator eXtension (FTP) XPL - Language and compiler generator system (or TWS: translator writing system) based on language. Derived from PL/I with its syntax, but structure close to C, first release 1968. Descriptions, book, port list, resources, publications list. PILOT - Simple interpreted language designed for use in computer-assisted instruction (CAI), 3 implementations, IEEE-standard and open source version exist. Quikcode - Free PC implementation of easy, yet powerful procedural IBM mainframe programming language Quikjob. Some uses: scanning files, making reports and quick utilities, converting files. For DOS 5.0 and up, Windows 3.1/95/98, Linux, Stratus VOS. Inger - A simple imperative programming language. Description and compiler download. [Open source, GPL] UniCOMAL - The site supplies and supports MacharSoft version of the COMAL programming language. It's classic imperative interpreted language, similar to BASIC but with a wider range of structures and facilities. IMP Compiler - For Imp-77 language on Intel x86 processors, an ALGOL-like high-level language originally designed as the implementation language of the Edinburgh Multi-Access System, developed at Edinburgh University. - SQR is a reporting and database access language. Links to resources and technical information. Gema - Home of the GEneral purpose MAcro processor tool, with a binding for the Lua scripting language, named GeL; source and binary distributions. Wikipedia: Imperative Programming - Online encyclopedia article. Wikipedia: Procedural Programming - Online encyclopedia article. Frink - A programming language and calculating tool. It tracks units of measure through all calculations, and helps to get the answers right. Leopard - A programming language created solely for beginners. MCPL - a simple typeless language which is based on BCPL. It makes use of pattern matching somewhat related to that used in ML and Prolog. Some other features come from C.
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