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Scripting languages are expected to have at least these features/traits: 1) Interpreted. 2) Operate from a command line or file. 3) Embeddable within applications. 4) Operate outside multiple applications to glue them together. 5) Easily extendable. 6) Should be easier, simpler, faster to use than more ambitious languages.
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Winductor - Windows scripting language: provides automation abilities via simulated input and/or COM, template expansion (useful for layout/content separation for HTML generation), built-in functions for FTP, HTTP, Email, Multimedia, CGI. SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) - A tool that easily allows a developer to wrap C/C++ functions for use with scripting languages. Currently supports Python, Perl, and Tcl. Interclasse - Articles and examples. WSH, VBS, HTA and Python scripts. MetaCollection - A guide for webmasters and developers who are in search of CGI, Perl, or PHP script archives. mCL - A language for media control. A shader to generate cinematic effects can be constructed by using mCL and HLSL in DirectX9. Scriptygoddess - A weblog for people who don't know everything about scripts and stuff to learn from each other. ASP, PHP and Javascript related articles. CSS tricks. ScriptDungeon - Directory of free scripts and tools for ASP, PHP, JavaScript. Nuclear Vision - An HTML-style scripting language designed to be run on a web server but can also be run from the command line. By Shining Light Productions. Scripts for Developers and Programmers - Directory of free and paid scripts across all types of platforms. Fully searchable. Opscript - An Active Scripting Engine based on Object Pascal. It can be hosted by Active Hosts such as IIS or the Windows Scripting Host. [Open source, Common Public License] Luban - The component oriented simple scripting language with a robust component composition model. Z-Script - A small embeddable scripting language with C-like syntax. Primitive functions can be easily added to be called by script, to call script functions, and to define operator behaviors for user objects. Scripting Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia] OnScript - XLnow OnScript is a Windows scripting tool for writing, maintaining and running scripts. Download option, support and company information. AutoIt - Open-source basic-like script language for automation in Windows, there are downloads, Wiki, FAQ and Forum. Specialty Scripting Languages - BeanShell, NQL, Simkin, and Slate fill specific needs. We often argue that scripting languages should complement developers' reliance on Java. What about Java itself for scripting? [] WinBatch - Features a macro scripting language that provides batch automation for Windows systems.
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