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Shells are interactive, programmable command interpreters for Unix and GNU-Linux operating systems (OSs). They have text-only interfaces, have some of the properties of programming languages, and are often used for remote access to systems through telnet or SSH client programs.
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Scsh - Scheme Shell, broad-spectrum system programming environment for Unix, embedded in R5RS Scheme 48. Supports concurrent system programming, sophisticated I/O and automatic garbage collection for process resources. GNV - A Unix environment for the VMS operating system, including a port of the bash shell. Shell Overview - A high-level examination of the Unix shell. FAQ - Plain-text FAQ with newsgroup links. HTML Shell - A platform for embedding Unix shell commands and complete shell scripts into a webpage. Jsh Development Home - Development page for jsh, an OS independent shell with native Java support. Links to download source and binaries. Softpanorama Open Source University - Open content tutorials and other information on bash, ksh, and zsh. VCL - An emulator of OpenVMS's Digital Command Language for Windows and UNIX Psh Development Home - Development page for psh, a native Perl shell for Windows 95/98/2000 and POSIX operating systems. Documentation and mailing list archives available online, with source and binaries available for download. New Adventure Shell - Script written in ksh/bash/zsh which causes the user's shell to act like a text adventure game. JSH Resources - Jsh advocacy page; hosts documentation, binaries and source for jsh, an OS independent shell with native Java support. Cygwin - Windows ports of many of the popular GNU software tools, including the BASH and tcsh shells. MacShell - Unix-like command line interface for the Macintosh, modeled on csh. V6 Thompson Shell Port - Sources, documentation and a blog for a port of the original Unix 6th Edition to modern Unix systems, with some backwards compatible enhancements and new utilities. Rc, the Plan 9 Shell - A paper by Tom Duff describing the rc shell for Plan 9 from Bell Labs and contrasting it to Unix's Bourne Shell. The Es Shell - A highly programmable shell inspired by the rc shell and scheme. Mailing list archives and source code. Sh - Manual page for the original Unix First Edition shell. Fake User SHell Interface (FUSHI) - A program which helps the user to learn the basics of Linux quickly. It keeps the user in a safe environment and allows him to learn effectively. File Permissions Ninja - Online tool to convert different types of Unix file permissions. MKS Toolkit - Ksh and Csh for Win32 environments, as well as a full development environment.
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