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This category lists web sites and pages which have software that is written or optimized to work with or on Unix operating systems in some way.
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Legato - System backup software and data management for network servers. GNU Operating System - Official site of the project to develop a complete Unix-like operating system comprising free software. Includes project history and philosophy, licenses, downloads, and details of how to get involved. Squid Internet Object Cache - Full-featured web proxy cache designed to run on Unix systems, free open-source software. Internet Systems Consortium - Provides BIND, DHCP, AFTR and other software. Common UNIX Printing Solution (CUPS) - A portable printing layer for UNIX. April System Design - Offering commercial software focused on PC-to-UNIX connectivity. Unitec Informatik - Unix system spooler for commercial applications, programming tools for client/server development, Java applets and system programming. Acme Software - Collection of Unix freeware. Some trivial, some massive. Kbackup - User friendly backup package for UNIX. Less - Pager program for Unix, better than "more". GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools - A free, open source collection of 60 UNIX tools used to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets and produce Encapsulated PostScript File illustrations ranging from x-y plots through 3-D perspective views. Epoch Converter - Unix timestamp converter tools. With programming routines and examples. pyttymon - A simple daemon that monitors and limits usage of ttys. It is implemented in Python. A simple config file can specify monthly, daily, session, and idle limits based on tty, user, group, and ttys in use. Mtools - A collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting them. Supports Win'95 style long file names, OS/2 Xdf disks and 2m disks. With source code. Current UNIX Timestamp - Current Epoch and UNIX timestamp converter and timestamp generator for developers.
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