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Oberon is a general-purpose programming language that evolved from Modula-2. Its principal new feature is the concept of type extension. It permits the construction of new data types on the basis of existing ones and to relate them.
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System Software Group - This group at the university of Linz offers lots of public domain packages for the Oberon System V4, as well as they continue to maintain this Oberon System variant. ETH Oberon - Home site. Niklaus Wirth invented Pascal, Modula, then Oberon language in Pascal/Modula tradition, and a modern, integrated, effective, compact, operating system for one-user workstations. Descriptions, papers, documents, downloads, links. [Open Source] Oberon Webring - Webring related to Oberon programming language or system environment. Oberon Microsystems, Inc. - Leading component-based software architecture firm: architecture consulting, software products, custom development, education. Prof. Niklaus Wirth of ETH Zürich is board member. Hello, World program - simple example Oberon program. VisualOberon - Very nice GUI library for Optimizing Oberon Compiler (OOC) to make platform independent graphic programs using set of standard and advanced controls, advanced layout engine. Runs on all Unix systems with X Window. [Open Source, LGPL] Ulm's Oberon System - Good general reference site for Oberon links. Oberon - Programming language information, links at Heidelberg University: learning, main implementation families, literature, mirrors, other sites. Oberon/F Introduction - Developer information for Oberon/F for the Apple Macintosh. Oberon Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
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