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Brainfuck is one of the most famous esoteric programming languages that uses only eight commands which are represented by eight symbols. It is a Turing-complete language but with obfuscated and unstructured code. Not practically useful but even the implementation of a simple program can turn into a brainteaser.
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Esoteric Non-existent Standards Institute - Contains some efforts to provide formal language specifications for BF, and other resources. The Brainfuck Programming Language - Brief overview, introduction to commands, informal standards for programmers and implementers, and related resources. Mr. Rock's Brainfuck Pages - Language introduction, tutorial, resources, BF to Perl converter. mod_bf - Apache webserver Brainfuck module; several BF code handlers. Easily make dynamic webpages in BF. Simple example of uses of Apache API, simpler than standard Apache mod_example. Descriptions, downloads, links. [Open Source, GPL] Some Brainfuck Fluff - By Daniel B. Cristofani. Complete brainfuck reference; sources for various programs, including a Universal Turing Machine; brainfuck to SPARC compiler, and interpreters in C and JavaScript; suggestions, contest results. BF Debugger Project - An integrated GUI debugger for the development of software using the Brainfuck programming language. GBrainfuck - A GPL'ed Brainfuck language interpreter written in C and intended to run on *NIX machines. Brainfuck Archive - Programs, compilers, interpreters, utilities, in source and compiled versions. Taking Over The World - A short text game completely written by hand in Brainfuck. - Provides Brainfuck Developer, an Integrated Development Environment for the language running on Microsoft Windows. The Brainfuck CPU - A processor that natively runs Brainfuck code. Clifford's Homepage - The Brainf*ck Compiler - A C-like language that compiles to brainfuck. VBBrainFNET - A Brainfuck IDE (editor, interpreter, debugger and compiler) written in VB.NET (.NET 2.0) Brainfuck Machine - A Brainfuck IDE with interpreter, debugger, compiler and tools (for example: converting BF to other programming languages, random BF code generation). BrainScript - ActiveScript Brainfuck implementation. It allows you to write web page scripts on Brainfuck. Branfuck.NET Compiler - Brainfuck compiler for Microsoft .Net Framework. Compiles Brainfuck programs into Portable Executable files (exe) libbf - A free portable library for Brainfuck fast interpretation, optimization, compilation and execution Esolang Wiki: Brainfuck - An overview of the language, history, and example code. FuckBrainfuck (FBF) - A programming language that compiles to Brainfuck.
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