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The Business component of the Open Directory generally lists and categorizes English-language sites that cover:

Business as an activity:

  • Sites covering industrial and commercial activities involving the exchange of commodities, services, or financial resources.
  • Sites offering supporting services, information and resources to business and business people, such as trade associations, educational institutions and training programs, business and economic news, events, etc.

Business as an entity:

  • Official web sites for and about corporations and commercial enterprises (including subsidiaries) that manufacture, distribute, market and sell goods and services to other businesses (B2B) and/or consumers (B2C). Note: If the purpose of the site is to serve as a Shopping destination for consumers (or consumers and businesses), the site should be listed in the Shopping branch.
  • Sites that exist solely to provide information about a company and its goods and services. Note: a company's brand name sites that focus on providing information to consumers are listed under Home: Consumer Information. See the Consumer Information FAQ for more information.
  • Sites that focus on the theoretical, practical or operational aspects of a business enterprise: accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, etc.
Sites generally not listed in the Business category:
  • Online shopping: Sites that exist primarily to sell goods and services directly to the consumer should be listed in the Shopping category. See the Shopping category description for more detail.
  • Commercial sites (particularly "dot.coms") whose main purpose is to provide information and resources to the consumer, as an end-user of the product or services (e.g. Google,,,, etc.)
  • Sites that focus on providing information to consumers are listed under Home: Consumer Information. See the Consumer Information FAQ for more information.
  • Local businesses: Sites for inherently local businesses -- such as types of business that are commonly found in most localities and serve primarily the people and businesses in that area -- are in most cases listed exclusively in Regional categories.
Associations, Business-to-Business, By Region, ... 2,315 Sites
Aerospace and Defense
Aeronautical, Associations, Conferences, Defense, ... 1,600 Sites
Agriculture and Forestry
Aerial Application, Aquaculture, Associations, ... 5,658 Sites
Arts and Entertainment
Agents and Agencies, Amusement Parks and Attractions, ... 13,233 Sites
By Industry, By Region 14 Sites
Associations, Auto Racing, By Region, Car Rentals, ... 2,451 Sites
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Associations, Consulting, ... 1,166 Sites
Business and Society
Ethnicity 32 Sites
Business Services
Auctions, AudioVisual, Barter, Communications, ... 14,024 Sites
Agrochemicals, Associations, Basic Chemicals, ... 4,063 Sites
Construction and Maintenance
Associations, Building Types, By Region, ... 15,121 Sites
Consumer Goods and Services
Associations, Awards, Beauty, Brushes, Children, ... 12,923 Sites
Arts and Entertainment, Associations, ... 44 Sites
Customer Service
Associations, Conferences, Consulting, ... 200 Sites
By Region 27 Sites
Associations, By Region, Conferences, Consulting, ... 480 Sites
Education and Training
Business Development, Driving, Education, ... 791 Sites
Electronics and Electrical
Associations, Circuit Protection, Components, ... 6,856 Sites
By Industry, By Region, Careers, Job Search, ... 803 Sites
Associations, Consulting, Directories, Electricity, ... 3,358 Sites
Conferences, Engineering, Environmental Compliance, ... 1,415 Sites
Financial Services
Appraisal and Valuation, Associations, ... 10,200 Sites
Food and Related Products
Additives, Associations, Baby Food, Baked Goods, ... 5,210 Sites
Alternative, Animal Health, Case Management, Computing, ... 4,168 Sites
Associations, Bed and Breakfast, Consulting, ... 2,176 Sites
Human Resources
Associations, Compensation and Benefits, Consulting, ... 613 Sites
Industrial Goods and Services
Associations, Bearings, Cable and Wire, ... 16,410 Sites
Information Services
Consulting, Information Brokers, Library Services 53 Sites
Information Technology
Associations, Conferences, Consulting, Directories, ... 779 Sites
International Business and Trade
Associations, Barter, Conferences, Consulting, ... 585 Sites
Associations, Brokerages, Chats and Forums, ... 3,448 Sites
Major Companies
Company Information, Company Rankings, Publicly Traded 29 Sites
Associations, Benchmarking and Best Practices, ... 2,275 Sites
Marketing and Advertising
Advertising, Associations, Branding, By Age Group, ... 4,651 Sites
Abrasives, Animal Products, Carbon, Ceramics, ... 1,654 Sites
Mining and Drilling
Associations, Conferences, Consulting, Directories, ... 442 Sites
News and Media
Book Reviews, By Industry, Magazines and E-zines, ... 206 Sites
Brokerages, Consulting, Directories, Distributors, ... 1,348 Sites
Publishing and Printing
Associations, Binding and Finishing, Directories, ... 4,044 Sites
Real Estate
Agents and Agencies, Appraisal, Associations, ... 1,485 Sites
Conferences, Search Engines, Standards and Codes 49 Sites
Retail Trade
Associations, Conferences, Consulting, Directories, ... 1,088 Sites
Small Business
Associations, Business Plans, Consulting, Directories, ... 706 Sites
Associations, By Region, Call Centers, Carriers, ... 3,782 Sites
Textiles and Nonwovens
Associations, Consulting, Directories, ... 13,187 Sites
Transportation and Logistics
Armored Car Service, Associations, Aviation, Bus, ... 6,470 Sites
Wholesale Trade
Directories, Fine Arts, General Merchandise, ... 101 Sites
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