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This Electronics and Electrical sector category includes industries and companies that manufacturer electronic and electrical components, equipment, and hardware, and manufacturers of materials, supplies, tools, components and equipment that are specific to the manufacture of electronics and electrical components. Sites for industries and companies that manufacture, distribute and sell finished electronics and electrical products (e.g. home appliances, radios, TVs, etc.) are not listed here.

Only a few companies in the world qualify to be listed on the main page. Please submit the company's primary URL to the category that represents the company's primary focus.

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Pioneer Corporation - Manufactures consumer and commercial electronics, and also produces audiovisual software. [Japanese and English] Zero Surge - Manufacturer of non-MOV based power quality filter equipment used to protect electronic equipment from electric surge and noise damage. Made in the United States. 3M Electronics Division - Manufactures materials and components for PCB manufacturing and assembly, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics products. Online product search, selection and specifications. Cooper Industries - Manufacturer of electrical products that distribute and control electricity, provide circuit protection, illuminate facilities, support electronic and telecommunications components and offer fire and security detection. Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd. - India based manufacturers of road traffic signals, plant machinery for TV and picture tubes, fire detection systems, and other industrial systems. Product descriptions and list of clients. Aplab Limited - Manufacturers of electronic instruments, power supplies, oscilloscopes, ups, bank automation, atms, industrial products, test and measuring instruments, payphone and pos-t. Robertshaw Industrial Products - A global electronics and engineering company that designs solutions to meet total automation management and control requirements. Agilent Technologies - Designs, manufactures and markets test, measurement and monitoring instruments, systems and solutions and semi-conductor and optical components. Includes an investor relations page. (NYSE: A) ABB Group - Manufacturer of automation and process control systems, electronic components, instrumentation and measurement devices, and power substation and oil and gas equipment. Product and service descriptions, white papers, and company background. All Shore Industries - Designer and manufacturer of electronic parts and assemblies. Specializes in LCD panels, AC adapters and chargers, and contract manufacturing. Staten Island, NY, USA. ERA Electronic A.S. - Designs and manufactures electronic automotive and OEM modules for household electric appliances. Online catalogues and data sheets available for download. Tyco Electronics Corporation - Design and manufacture of relays, circuit breakers, fiber optic components, and wireless products. Includes specifications, distributor details, and customer support center. Arrow Electronics - An electronic components and enterprise computing supplier. Contains company overview, articles and references and reference designs. Ametherm, Inc. - Manufacturer of inrush current limiters and NTC thermistors for temperature sensing. Sysacom R&D Plus Inc. - Develops custom electronics circuits and systems and a full range of embedded software and application software. TDK Corporation - Manufactures electronic materials and components including ferrite magnets, transformer and inductor cores, and multilayer chip capacitors. Covers products, research and development, corporate and financial data. In English and Japanese. (NYSE: TDK)
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