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Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Extensive collection of classic theological works from all periods of church history. Radical Faith - "Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world." Emphasis on non-traditional theological ideas. Sermons, responses to common questions, layman's guide to theological terms, book reviews, and other resources. Protestantism - Discussion on Protestant beliefs and doctrines from the Catholic Encyclopedia. Creeds of Christendom - Creeds and Confessions of various Christian denominations. Literature of Theology: A Classified Bibliography of Theological and General Religious Literature - Google Books e-text. A guide to literature published in Great Britain, the United States, and Canada. 1895 by John Hurst. Encompasses exegetical, historical, and systematic theology topics. Theology Website - Offers resources on liberal theological studies. Discussion forums, online quizzes, religions portal, online journal, user polls, church history study guides. Systematic Theology - Presents a number of articles on a wide array of topics from various conservative/evangelical authors. Fundamental Baptist Institute - Presents a wide variety of topical Christian articles by numerous authors. Coalition on Revival - A network of evangelical leaders from different denominational and theological perspectives who share a vision for and commitment to revival, renewal, and reformation of the Church and society. Presents a series of well-researched theological papers. The Trinity Foundation - Articles, books, tapes and resources on Reformed Christianity. Christian Theological Research Fellowship - The CTRF is a Christian research organization in systematic and moral theology, and related disciplines. The site contains the Journal for Christian Theological Research - a peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal of Systematic Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion. Grace Online Library - Authors and resources from the historic Reformed, Calvinistic and Puritan persuasion. European Society of Catholic Theology (ESCT) - Encouraging the communication, promotion and support of theological education, research, and services. Publishes a journal twice a year, Bulletin ET. Theology Resources - Guide to articles, papers and other theological resources. Developed by the Virtual Private Library - Downloadable PDF books on theology, Bible commentary, apologetics, philosophy, and spirituality. Theos Think Tank - A public theology think tank providing alternative perspectives to secular culture and public opinion. Reports, consultancy, events, and news. Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology - Ecumenical organization that seeks to focus on Jesus Christ and build Christian unity through its own journal, books, and conferences.
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