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Political commentary, links, essays, rants, etc. which represent the personal views of individuals or small groups. Should be of an amateur nature (no professional journalists or politicians). No official campaign or commercial pages.
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The Minute Man Page - Lists the author's concerns about the U.S. federal government and the loss of freedom through war and emergency powers. A Politically In-Correct Stop Over on the Information Stupid Highway - A generalized rant on political correctness. Sand in the Gears - Weblog featuring Tony Woodlief's humorous short takes on politics, life, and American culture. OPED - Short Opinion Pieces - OPED pieces on topics of current interest in economics, politics, terrorism, and security. FWF- The Free World Forum - Young, under-21 year olds discussion of various political philosophies. Power, Violence and Poverty - Essays on power and its relationship to violence, poverty and social change. Herman, Edward S: Political commentaries - Political economist and radical commentator comments on world events, media complicity and media bias from a Progressive perspective. Daley Planet - Personal website of planetary patriot Tad Daley. Ideas for preventing genocide and another 9-11. The Rant: Political Writings from a Wal-Mart Hating Notre Dame Populist - Commentary on Wal-Mart, the ills of American society, and various other issues. Blog Arundel - A weblog dedicated to exploring political, social, and environmental issues in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The World According to Bill Fisher - Articles on international development, foreign policy, human rights, geopolitics, and journalism. Hogan, Hunter - - Provides his analysis and commentary of major World events with a focus on non-violence, equal treatment, and freedom.
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