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Personal homepages covering social liberal philosophy or otherwise incorporating its ideas.
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Treanor, Paul - Liberalism, market, ethics; nationalism, geopolitics, the state; the future of Europe; urban theory and planning. TalkLeft - Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news from the perspective of left-leaning legal professionals. Liberal Oasis - Left-liberal articles and links covering political topics from mostly an independent liberal point of view; a weblog promoting big tent liberalism versus partisan, business as usual politics. - Commentary and satire on a variety of current economic and social issues. Political Corrections - Quotations from various adherents of progressive and liberal philosophies and political movements throughout the world. Silverman, Mike: Red Letter Day - A weblog about politics and gay issues from a liberal point of view. Left Leaner - Liberal weblog on the issues of the day. Calder, Jonathan: Serendib - An intermittently Liberal anthology. Politics in the Zeros - A weblog about politics, California and otherwise. Tilts to the left. Beard, Elton: Busy, Busy, Busy - Intermittent observations on the state of current affairs from a centrist, liberal-minded perspective. The Pragmatic Progressive - Political Analysis and Commentary Proud "Bleeding Hearts" - A weblog inspired by the 2004 US Presidential election. Commentary on liberal/left leaning candidates. Just Say Why - Opinions on current events, both local and global. The Mahablog - News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration. Out of the Blue: The Serious Side - Opinions on current political issues. Mathews, Richard M. - Includes résumé, astronomical photographs, genealogy and Reflections, a continuing series of liberal articles on issues of current interest in U.S. politics. Maharaj, Akaash - Practical Idealism - Canadian author, political figure, and national athlete. Site includes blog, diplomacy projects, podcasts, social media networks, and media coverage. Buck Naked Politics - Group weblog devoted to liberal ideas and policies. Cest Moi Citizen Media - A political commentary blog offering analysis of news and headlines from a generally independent left of center point of view. Comments from Left Field - A liberal group weblog featuring political commentary and news analysis from a left-of-center point of view devoid of any automatic liberal party affiliation. The Impudent Observer - Issues of liberal concern to engage readers in critical thinking issues. Liberal Values - Coverage of news and current events from an independent, oftentimes classical liberal point of view. Papamoka Straight Talk - An independent left-leaning political blog from a left-coaster from Massachusetts. Reconstitution 2.0 - Irony, humor and serious political commentary from a liberal perspective. Swerve Left - Derisive diatribes about the state of the nation, nation states and swerving leftward from an independent, American liberal thinker. Tom Daschle's Ghost - The ghost of a center-left Democrat peers out at the post-2004 political landscape, trying to figure out what's next for American progressives. Silverstein, Richard: Tikun Olam - Journal of personal opinion on U.S. and Mideast politics, the arts, and world music. Kwaśniewski, Aleksander - Official web page of the former president of Poland. Macek, Steve - Home page of a media scholar, critic and progressive-left political activist. Loper, George Edward - Political views and commentary. Supportive of presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. The Frustrated Teacher - A California public school teacher's perspective on politics, education, NCLB, and humor. A BCer in Toronto - Personal web site of Jeff Jedras, liberal blogger for Canada's National Post. Robert Reich - Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. Commonly posts on economic topics in United States politics.
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