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Personal homepages covering libertarian philosophy or otherwise incorporating its ideas.
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Syreeni, Sampo - Homepages of a Finnish libertarian. A variety of materials ranging from libertarian advocacy to personal, and on to atheism, music and computing related. Landry, Peter: Blupete - The homepage of a libertarian lawyer from Nova Scotia. Serendipity: Liberty and Democracy - Views on Mill's Essay On Liberty, gun control, transnational corporations, and other topics. Sanchez, Julian: Julian's Lounge - Libertarian essays and personal commentary. Wells, Sam: Sam's Politically Incorrect Web Page - Book reviews and economic commentary with organized links on opposing political philosophy. Titan, Lex: Our Liberty - Links, commentary, humor, and news. Montoni, Marc - Discusses Libertarianism, truth in government, and other interests. Lloyd, Chris: Libertarian Talking Points (Activism and Issues) - Tips and simple answers to aid in persuasion. Political Commentary - Commentary, articles, and links with a libertarian bent. Romanoff, Lance Jonn - Libertarian politics and other personal essays. Cobin, John: Policy of Liberty - Books/papers on free market economics and policy. [English and Spanish] Evans, Morley: Insight and Writing Portfolio - Morley Evans' writing portfolio. Kollar, Pavel: Free Ideas - Letters the author has sent to newspapers. Rubin, Charles: Language of Liberty - A collection of quotations on freedom and liberty. Durst, Jack: The Economic Theory Reader - A reading list for students of political and economic theory. Cate, Vincent - A libertarian living in Anguilla since 1994. Maintains a site, where he presents ideas about avoiding government e.g. by traveling around the world. Watson, Kennita - Personal website of a cryonicist, Libertarian, Extropian and 2002 candidate for California State Assembly. Moore, Carol - Home page of the libertarian pacifist activist, student of consciousness and writer. Miller, Bob - A registered Republican with a libertarian / liberal mindset. Hollemans, Derek: The Young Libertarian Page - Homepage of a youth interviewed on NPR. Strauss, Jaco: Absolute Common Sense - South African libertarian observes current affairs. Curry, Rex - Libertarian artwork and commentary. Mills, Rachel - Website of 2002 Libertarian candidate for North Carolina House, District 31. Organizer of Ladies of Liberty calendar. Pina, Juan: liberal and libertarian pages - A Spanish classic liberal-libertarian thinker. You can read his Individual Self-Determination Manifesto and his CV / Bio information in English and Spanish. Lessman, Thomas - Personal website containing policy positions, links and press coverage of a recent Kansas City candidate for Congress. Gabb, Sean - Writings from a publicist from England, editor of libertarian journal "Free Life." Mercer, Ilana - From political economy to pop culture, libertarian commentary and articles by Ilana Mercer. Karen Selick Home Page - Contains columns by Karen Selick from Canadian Lawyer magazine and other publications. - Regular philosophical musings of a well-known Libertarian
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