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The philosophy of science is concerned with the philosophical interpretation and study of the natural sciences, in particular, physics, biology, and mathematics.
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Philsci Archive - An electronic archive for preprints in the philosophy of science. Philosophy of Science - Essays on philosophy of science from the Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series. Science Studies Web Server - Resource site at the University of Missouri. The Nature and Philosophy of Science - Examines the components, limitations, and popular mistaken beliefs of science and the scientific method. The web page also includes a section on scientific legitimacy. Scientific Realism - Stanford Encyclopedia entry on thesis that science discovers truths about a theory-independent reality; by Richard Boyd. Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge - Discussess the impact of social relations and values on scientific research; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Helen Longino. Intertheory Relations in Physics - Discussion of theory reduction in science; by Robert Batterman from the Stanford Encyclopedia. Scientific Explanation - Philosophical theories about the nature of explanation in science; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by James Woodward. Laws of Nature - Philosophical theories about what it is to be a law; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by John W. Carroll. Philosophy of Science Resources - Resource page supplementing Bruce Janz' philosophy of science course. Theories of Explanation - Entry on explanation in the sciences from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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