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Virtual Reality:Consciousness Really Explained - A scientific hypothesis for the origin of mind based in evolutionary biology. Includes downloadable manuscript and a few graphics. International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology - ISHPSSB brings together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences, and the history, philosophy, and social studies of science. Teleological Notions in Biology - Entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Colin Allen. Philosophy of Biology Web Pages - Maintained by Michael R. Dietrich, of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College; includes links to web sites and online articles dealing with the philosophy of biology and related subjects. Species - Entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Marc Ereshefsky. The Biological Notion of Self and Non-self - Stanford Encyclopedia entry on the notion of the immune self; by Alfred Tauber. Definition of Life - Reviews and analyzes various attempts to define life in terms of negentropy and complexity theory. Biological Altruism - Discussion of how altruistic behavior by organisms fits with the theory of evolution; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Samir Okasha. Biodiversity - Discussion of philosophical issues related to biological diversity; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Daniel P. Faith. If Horses Had Hands - A philosophy paper by Tom Tyler examining the arguments on the concept of anthropomorphism. A Palindrome: Conscious Living Creatures as Instruments of Nature; The Latter as an Instrument of the Former. - A palindromic relationship is reported between astrophysical-biological evolution and mind-possessing living creatures in it. Essay by Mario Crocco. Theoretical Biology and Philosophy of Biology - A list of persons, institutes, research groups and journals within theoretical biology, philosophy and history of biology, and related areas of research. Cognition and Biological Evolution - Idealist philosophy resolves a fundamental paradox in the materialist account of evolution. Essay by Axel Randrup. Biology and Philosophy - Permits access to the table of contents for each of the archived issues of this journal. Also includes information for authors.
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