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Works of philosophers or others dealing with the limits, sources, nature and methods of human knowledge.
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Color - Metaphysical and epistemological accounts of color. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Barry Maund. The Analysis of Knowledge - Survey of analyses of the concept of knowledge, including justified true belief and the Gettier problem; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Matthias Steup. Ancient Skepticism - Two movements in ancient philosophy, Pyrrhonism, and Academic Skepticism. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Leo Groarke. Bayes' Theorem - Discussion of a formula to calculate conditional probabilities which figures in subjectivist approaches to epistemology; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by James Joyce. Bayesian Epistemology - Epistemological movement based on Bayesian confirmation and decision theory; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by William Talbott. Coherence, Certainty, and Epistemic Priority - By Roderick Firth. Epistemology - Syllabus for a Yale University seminar on epistemology. Epistemology - Essays on epistemology from the Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series. The Epistemology Page - A collection of epistemology resources, including other directories, online papers, and graduate programs strong in epistemology. The Epistemology Research Guide - Directory of links by Keith Korcz, including online papers. Evolutionary Epistemology - Survey of naturalistic epistemology which emphasizes importance of natural selection; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Michael Bradie and William Harms Formal Learning Theory - Discusses mathematical approaches to normative epistemology; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Oliver Schulte. Foundationalist Theories of Epistemic Justification - Survey of theories according to which knowledge and justified belief rest ultimately on a foundation of noninferential knowledge or justified belief. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Richard Fumerton. Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? - Classic short paper by Edmund Gettier. KLI Theory Lab - Data base that allows scientific literature search in the domain of evolution and cognition, thus indexing the literature in Evolutionary Epistemology. Knowledge, Justification, and Truth - Laurence BonJour's dissertation. Qualia - Qualia are introspectively accessible, phenomenal aspects of our mental lives. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Michael Tye. Sextus Empiricus's Outlines of Pyrrhonism - A short paper by Alex Scott on the ancient school of skepticism. Skepticism - Article examining the various forms of skepticism. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Peter Klein. Teaching Theory of Knowledge - A booklet for teaching theory of knowledge. It includes a list of topics in epistemology with an introduction and a reading list for each. Virtue Epistemology - An approach in epistemology that applies the resources of virtue theory to problems in the theory of knowledge. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by John Greco. - An overview of epistemology, exploring the various theories of knowledge, justification, and belief. James Pryor - James Pryor's homepage. It includes online papers and detailed lecture notes. Theory of Knowledge - Course taught by James Pryor at Princeton University; includes handouts and lecture notes. JTB Forum - Electronic journal for theory of knowledge. Reference, Truth and Conceptual Schemes: A Defense of Internal Realism - Peter J. Graham reviews this book by Gabor Forrai. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. New Thoughts about Old Things: Cognitive Policies as the Ground of Singular Concepts - Kent Bach reviews this book by Krista Lawlor. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
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