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Canspiracy - Exposes the continentalist agenda which is transforming Canada into the 51st state. CTRL: The Conspiracy Theory Research List - A think-tank for serious conspiracy research. Serendipity - Includes a wide variety of conspiracy theories. Revelation 13 - Variety of articles and prophecy features using the paranormal, science, religion, astrology, mythology and numerological analysis. By T. Chase. America Faces Surprise Nuclear Attack - Evidence that America is the target of a nuclear attack conspiracy by Russia and China. A Nation in Denial - A personal account about American government conspiracies by a whistleblower. St Aardvark the Carpeted vs. Texe Marrs - An interview with NWO-watcher and preacher Texe Marrs, and a leap into the wilder worlds of conspiracy, Aardvarks and Ayn Rand. Conspiracy Planet - Alternative news and history network is an online antidote to government and media cartels propaganda. The Truth Seeker - Behind the headlines - conspiracies, cover-ups, and ancient mysteries. Real news and perspectives that one won't find in the mainstream media. Freemasonry Watch - Monitoring the invisible Empire, the world's largest secret society. Cancer, Fraud, and Bad Biotech - Postulates that a conspiracy surrounds cancer research and biotech. Jordan Maxwell - 'Godfather of Secret Societies' - Official site of Jordan Maxwell, author, lecturer and radio host. Love The Truth - Purports to tell the truth on a variety of conspiracy subjects. Barry Chamish - The homepage of noted author Barry Chamish. Delving into Israeli politics, conspiracy and corruption. Conspiracy Bomb - Dozens of Conspiracy theories ranging from inane to thought provoking. Dr. Peter David Beter - Political and economic commentary, including The Conspiracy Against the Dollar and Audio Letters of Dr. Peter Beter (1921-1987), covering the Rockefeller Cartel, Bolshevik-Zionist Axis, and New Kremlin Rulers. The History of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco - Exposing the Morgan, CIA, and Bones-connected elite that forces health fascism down the world's throat. Xenophobic Persecution in the U.K. - Exposes an MI5 operation of illegal harassment through the UK media, public molestation, and verbal abuse. Renegade Catholic - Essays from the edge, covering secrets and conspiracies from those involving the Roman Catholic Church to UFOs, space and metaphysics.
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