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This category is devoted to the variously constituted "patriot movement," "American nationalist," "[neo-]Constitutionalist," or "sovereignty movement" organizations and ideas. The movement as a whole revolves around several major themes, among them economic populism, skepticism of free trade and international agreements such as the WTO, and criticism of the Federal Reserve and the banking system; diplomatic isolationism, nationalism, and skepticism of international institutions such as the UN; a strong emphasis on freedom from government interference in areas such as property rights and taxation; and a belief in the strictest construction of the U.S. Constitution, especially regarding the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments. Membership tends to lie to the right of the spectrum on social and cultural issues such as identity and English language, abortion, homosexuality, religion, and immigration. A derivative of this movement are the self-styled "citizen militias," taking their name from the Second Amendment and asserting the right to defend their constitutional views by force if necessary against the encroachments of the federal government. Further still on the fringe are groups organized around anti-U.N., anti-CIA, anti-Semitic, or other conspiracy themes, which may share methods and language of separatist/secessionists, white nationalists, and millenialists and survivalist groups.
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