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Dealing with the satirical side of conspiracy theories.
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CommieTubbies - Asserts that the Telletubbies television series projects subliminal pro-communist messages. Includes an episode watch and reported findings. Circling the Square - Weblog addresses current events based on the theory that the apocalypse is near and that black-ops forces manipulate everyday life. Includes submission guidelines and archives. World's Stupidest Conspiracies - Publicly submitted conspiracies. Topics include Martians, psychic Gypsies and secret agent math teachers. MI5 Espionage Solutions - Works to protect the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from subterfuge, terrorism, subversion and all other forms of badness and evil. Includes employment opportunities and a list of enemies. The Paranoia Files - Offers untrue news about spycams, alien cats and toilet listening devices. Features polls. Secrets of the Royal Canadian Snow Police - Outlines plans for global domination, by a fictional Canadian force. Includes plans for self-defense and favorite games of the snow police. ID Chip - Fake organization that implants identification chips below the skin to track web users. Illuminati Rex - WebComic - Follow the adventures of Eric the Illuminatus as he struggles to find his place within the inner circle of the Illuminati. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - Offers a simple and inexpensive solution to combating mind-control. Includes maintenance instructions, testimonials and a history of aluminum and psychotronics.
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