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Products are available which cater for women from the time of conception to delivery of the newborn baby. These include tests, keepsakes and items to increase wellbeing and decrease discomfort.
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The Leclaire Hypnobirthing Method - Offering books, recordings and classes, with FAQ and testimonials. Pacific Palisades, California, USA. Your Birth Connection - Supplying breast pumps, belly casting kits and massage oils. The Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator - A patented education tool which simulates over 20 symptoms of pregnancy. Special Addition - Contemporary maternity and nursing apparel, accessories and breastfeeding products. Zita West - UK clinic that also sells test kits, books, nutritional supplements, and relaxation products. AquaDoula - Portable spa for labor and waterbirth. Be Here Soon - Maternity products for expecting parents. Includes air beds for better sleep. - Offers rent and sale of fetal Doppler heartbeat systems designed for in-home use. BabyBeat - Rent or buy a Doppler ultrasound to monitor fetal heartbeat. Motherlove Herbals - Herbal products, tinctures, teas and oils for use during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Earth Mama Angel Baby - Offering organic products for pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Includes interactive birth plan. Babycare TENS - Labour pain relief units - excellent for pain reduction during childbirth. All units are subject to strict medical regulation. Birth Experience - Providing products and services for pre- and post-natal use. Heartbeats At Home, LLC - Offering rental and sales of a home use Doppler monitor. Allows user to record the baby's heartbeat for playback. Ana Wiz Ltd - UK business allows purchase and rent of fetal dopplers, as well as baby monitors. The Magic Banana - Device designed to help build up the Kegel or pelvic floor muscles. Offers information and online ordering.
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