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Informative articles and sites relating to pregnancy and birth.
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Beyond Fertility - Articles relating to preconception, general pregnancy issues, and childbirth. - Addresses symptoms, exercise, nutrition, ovulation, stages, baby names, and baby tips. Mercy House - Aiding pregnant women who have alienated from their families and without support. Online Birth Center: Midwifery, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding - Resources for midwives, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, and parents. Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guide - A guide to fetal development and maternal changes, from StorkNet. BirthPsychology - Explore the many mental and emotional dimensions in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories, and late-breaking headlines. Family Care International - Dedicated to improving women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing countries, with a special emphasis on making pregnancy and childbirth safer. Mother and Child Health - Information on prenatal, postpartum and pediatric health. Topics include herbal medicine, nutrition, and natural parenting. Lamaze - Includes information on pregnancy, birth, a new baby or new parents. Drugs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Database on risk of fetal or infant harm after exposure to specific drugs and vaccines. The British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society - Encouraging improved standards of care, and providing advice on Maternal and Fetal Medicine training. Perinatal Education Associates, Inc. - Information for expectant parents as well as doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives. The Baby Corner - Information and advice to parents with articles on pregnancy and parenting topics, and advice from doctors. There is also a community option for parents to interact with each other. Pregnancy Information - Vardaan - Provides information and articles on pregnancy including-due date calculator, and preconception information. Includes discussion board for interaction with doctors. - Baby names, pregnancy planning, and breastfeeding. Includes forums, chat, polls and articles. - Offering a database of generic and trade medication information regarding fetal risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also includes risk category according to the FDA. American Baby - Offering pregnancy and baby information. Includes names, a calendar, week-by-week development updates, and illness guide. March of Dimes: Pregnancy and Newborns - Provides pregnancy information, pre-conception suggestions, and an interactive game designed to learn about pregnancy. Fit Pregnancy - Online magazine and guide for moms-to-be with tips on pregnancy, nutrition, fitness, exercises, baby care and weight loss. Perinatal Health in the United States - Developed by the March of Dimes, this site provides maternal, infant, and child heath-related data at the state level. Motherisk - Research and counselling on reproductive risk or safety of drugs, chemicals and maternal disease in pregnancy. Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) - Group promoting a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs. Includes events and resources, news and details of the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI). Pregnancy and Childbirth Answers - An information portal mainly for prospective parents. Information in Question and Answer format covering the full range of the subject from pre-conception, pregnancy, labour, delivery, the postpartum period and beyond. The Endowment for Human Development - Non-profit organization presents a multimedia demonstration of the development of a fetus. Explains how the mother's health and activities affect the baby. Birthing Naturally - Offering natural childbirth, pregnancy, and nutrition information with handouts for birth companions. Also includes a section for Christians. Sexuality in Pregnancy - Provides information for midwives to be able to advise women and their partners regarding possible changes in sexual relations during each trimester. BabyCenter: Pregnancy - Includes articles on baby names, morning sickness, labor, delivery, what to expect and a due date calculator. Louisiana Natural Birth - A listing of resources for those choosing to have a natural birth in Louisiana. Includes a list of childbirth classes. Food Safety for Pregnant Women - Offering nutrition suggestions from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, and the FDA. eMedicine Health: Labor Signs - Provides information about labor signs, their causes and symptoms, and describes when to seek medical care.
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