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Home and Family oriented websites for and about babies, baby parenting, etc. This is not intended as a directory for shopping sites and it NOT for "free stuff" sorts of sites that either run "offers" through affiliate links or ask for private information in exchange for some goodies. Instead please send shopping sites to the correct shopping category. To speed up the process of getting a site submitted, please locate the most accurate category for your site.
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BabyCenter - Resource for pregnancy and baby, offers week-by-week baby development updates, thousands of articles, and advice from other parents. Educarer World of Infants - Infant development (0-3): Information and articles for educarers, parents and all infant caregivers. Our philosophy is based on Magda Gerber and Maria Montessori, emphasizing respect for the child. Multilingual. Links to sources at the national and regional levels. Ask Baby - Get written answers and free advice, recommendations, surveys, independent information, answers to all your baby questions and needs Huggies Mother and Baby Club - Huggies Mother and Baby Club offers members an in-depth resource and advice centre on pregnancy, baby development, baby care and parenting. Happy Babies - Selection of easy and fun games, for various age groups up to 12 months, to stimulate baby. Storknet - Includes information about parenting, pregnancy, and family planning. Offers message board and various tools. Baby Gizmo Corporation - Baby product reviews, buying guides and price comparison from top resellers. Also features product recalls. - Tips for choosing, usage practices and mom's feedback. Free Stuff for Newborns - Provides links to sites offering goodies for babies, toddlers and children with disabilities. Also offers feeding, caring and safety advice. - Articles with advice covering topics such as preparing for baby's arrival, sleeping, feeding, general care, health and safety. Includes week-by-week and month-by-month developmental milestones. Which Nappy? - Discusses different diaper types and how to choose the most suitable. Offers reviews and articles. Games with Baby - Compilation of developmental and stimulating activities from 0-12 months of age. Covers brain building, language, social, and movement activities. Infant Potty Training - Advice on how to encourage newborns to toilet in a potty. Also includes product reviews, money advice and touches on pregnancy. Happy Baby USA - Addresses environmental, health and safety issues. Offers advice and tips. My Baby Sleep Guide - A blog with articles giving tips on how to get infants to sleep. Provides an index of articles, also sorted by age. Get Your Baby to Sleep - Includes articles with tips and tricks, product reviews and resources. Wee Sleep - Based in Canada, offering consultations worldwide. Customizes sleep programs for infants. Explains their approach, presents profiles of their consultants and testimonies and includes a blog. - Provides product reviews for infant equipment. Sweet Sleep Baby - Advice and product reviews. Topics include attachment parenting, bedtime stories and schedules. Narcotizer - An online audio sleeping aid featuring white noise produced by a vacuum cleaner, a hairdryer, a fan and a shower. Why Won't My Baby Sleep? - Offers practical advice and articles. The Baby Effect - A light-hearted look at how a new-born's arrival changes the parents' life.
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