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"Science and Technology Policy" deals with topics ranging from the role of governments in the scientific enterprise, the promotion of technology, the development of indicators of research performance, the protection of intellectual property rights and the impact of science and technology on society.
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Office of Science & Technology - Reports focus on research and development policy changes and trends in Europe and the U.S. Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities - Promoting scientific excellence, providing advice to the government on scientific issues of national importance, maintaining scientific relations with similar bodies worldwide, and publishing scholarly works. ACM Public Policy Office - Statements of goals, position papers, letters and testimony to Congress and other government bodies. Koshland Science Museum - Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, focusing on "science behind the headlines", in particular current and sometimes controversial policy issues. U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy - In the Executive Office of the President. Current and archived information about policy on fundamental science, education and scientific literacy, investment in applied research, and international cooperation. Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) Legacy - Topical reports on numerous subjects in science and technology (1974-1995). Space Policy Project - Information and analysis on civil and military space issues, policies and programs. Covers a variety of topics including life on Mars, advanced aircraft, Russian aerospace, Challenger accident, space weapons, exploration, and links. Issues in Science & Technology - Journal published by the National Academy Press (U.S.) - Publicly available archives going back many years from influential people in US government science policy. FYI -- Bulletin of Science Policy News - American Institute of Physics publication that summarizes legislation and science policy developments in Washington DC. Science and Technology Policies in India - Focus is on policy reforms and intellectual property law reforms in India. Al Teich's Technology & the Future Toolkit - A resource for students, teachers, and anyone else interested in how technology and society are shaping each other and our future. The Foundation for Science and Technology - Aims to provide a neutral platform for the debate of science or technology issues of importance to society. Includes PDF downloads of journals and ordering information for other materials. Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy - An institute in Portland Oregon, that attempts to develop the local dialogue on science, technology and society issues. The Decline of Unfettered Research - Essay explaining the reasons for the decline of "unfettered" or "curiosity-driven" research. The Science Foresight Project - The first completely Internet-based international science foresight activity. The goal was to identify emerging research developments in the physical and engineering sciences using experts selected by purely objective methods. Information Technologies and Social Development - UNRISD project exploring how new information and communications technologies can be used in developing countries. Events, publications, unpublished papers, and researcher profiles. Some content in French. Optical Society of America - Policies - OSA promotes the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics and disseminates this knowledge worldwide. The rise of technocapitalism - Prof. Suarez-Villa on technocapitalism, its sources and phenomena, continuous invention and innovation, networks, the experimental firm, innovative capacity, technological eras. Joint Global Change Research Institute | University of Maryland - Publications and information from a joint Pacific Northwest Lab/University of Maryland institute dedicated to examining the problems associated with global climate change. AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships - Provide opportunities for accomplished postdoctoral to mid-career scientists and engineers to contribute to the public policymaking process. Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy - The Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy is a private, non-partisan research and advisory organization focused on information, technology, and national security policy and related issues. Center for Science, Policy, and Outcomes - A non-profit think tank that works with the U.S. Congress on issues involving science policies and their effects on society. Includes issues papers and analyses on current topics. Scientific Integrity - The Union of Concerned Scientists discusses political interference in federal government science, the abuses of science and some possible solutions. SEAMLESS (EU project) - System for environmental and agriculture modelling, for assessment of how future alternative agricultural and environmental polices affect sustainable development in Europe. Geology & Public Policy - Join the list, serve or geology in the Government Mentor Program. Be a Congressional Science Fellow. Congressional and federal actions which affect the geoscience community. National Science Board - The National Science Board is the US science policy advisor to the President and the Congress. Their homepage contains many documents on the US science and technology policy. Why No 'New Einstein'? - Article by Lee Smolin argues that research programs presently fail to advance science in new directions, and suggests remedies. US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) - PCAST consists of 18 members from the private sector plus the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology who serves as the Committee's Co-Chair. About Nanotechnology - The Foresight Institute focuses on this technology and the public policy surrounding it. U.S. Science Policy in the 21st Century - Provides information about science policy books, newsletters, conferences, internships, fellowships, courses, degree programs and other related resources. Science, People and Politics - Provides articles on how science, technology and biomedical research interfaces with politics, humanities and the arts. Information Technology and Innovation Foundation - ITIF is a non-partisan think tank whose mission is to formulate and promote public policies to advance technological innovation and productivity internationally, in Washington, and around the country. Federation of American Scientists - Involved in a variety of projects, including monitoring arms sales and weapons development, cyberstrategy, intelligence reform, military analysis, nuclear weapons, space policy, and monitoring emerging diseases. Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy - Non -profit organization undertaking research in issues of science and technology in human development, economic growth and security. Based in Bangalore, India. Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation - Provides advice to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment on key national and international issues. American Geophysical Union: Science Policy - Upcoming legislation and government regulations that have implications for the geophysical sciences, and position statements on policy-related topics. Foresight: Making the future work for you - The UK Foresight programme is managed by the Office of Science and Technology and brings together key people, knowledge and ideas to look beyond normal commercial time horizons to identify potential opportunities from new science and technologies and actions to help realise those opportunities.
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