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Sites offering sheep management advice and directions.
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Herding with German Shepherds - Nickelsberg's Farm - Information about boundary style herding. Cornell Sheep Program - Information about sheep production and management from Cornell University. Black Sheep Newsletter - A quarterly publication for the sheep raiser and fiber enthusiast. Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling - Information regarding livestock handling and stress reduction. Sheep Training Tips - Some people are interested in taming older sheep, some people are interested in the halter training. There are some points common to both activities. Brief summary of the process used at Fibre Works Farm. Guard Dogs - Introduction to using guard dogs to control predation of sheep. National Sheep Improvement Program - NSIP offers a computerized genetic performance evaluation program,designed to help identify high-producing replacements, cull poor-producing animals, and assess overall management strengths and weaknesses. Condition Scoring of Sheep - Describes method of classifying ewes into groups according to fullness of muscling and amount of fat cover and how to adjust feed regime according to the condition score and stage of the production cycle. Sheep Coats - Instructions for making Sheep Coats to protect wool fleeces. United States Border Collie Handlers Association - Information about Border Collies and herding. Contains articles on general information, activities, veterinary information, breeding, culture, books and magazines, and products. FlockFiler: Complete Software for Sheep Records - FlockFiler is a computer database for keeping health, management, and breeding records of sheep. For Windows and Macintosh, FlockFiler is suitable for any shepherd and for flocks of any size. Introduction to Sheep Farming - Training book and courses on all aspects of sheep farming. Advice on breeding a predigree flock Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep - This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood of a donkey becoming a successful livestock guard animal. Evaluating Farm Resources and Sheep Production Systems - Article helps the shepherd identify and evaluate resources that are available on the farm and to match these assets to an appropriate production system. Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What? - Factsheet to aid producers and livestock evaluators in distinguishing between losses caused by predators and non-predator causes. Emphasis is placed on distinguishing between coyote predation and dog predation, since they collectively account for almost all predator related losses in Ontario flocks. Management Practices Can Influence Predation - Discussion of sheep management practices to prevent losses due to predators. The Sheep Flock Improvement Program - SFIP is a home testing genetic improvement program designed to assist Ontario purebred and commercial sheep producers in the evaluation of potential breeding stock and to provide a measure of the comparative productivity of ewes in the flock. Enrollment information and data available. Sheep Flock Improvement Program EPDs - Using Estimated Progeny Difference to make genetic improvements and increase flock performance. Ewe Byte - Offering a system for managing sheep production and health. Sheep - This is a delightful, general information site on sheep designed by a youngster as a 4H project. Stone Brook - Resources for small flock owners in Maine, and for people thinking of becoming small flock owners; offering links including everything from mills for processing fiber, to books and periodicals, to husbandry tips. Internal Parasites - Factsheet from Utah State University Extension. Cornell Teaching and Research Center Sheep Farm - Aims to evaluate economical methods of managing a highly productive flock to provide sheep for research, teaching, and extension programs.
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