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Fethiye is a city and district of Muğla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey with about 68,000 inhabitants (2008). Modern day Fethiye is located on the ancient city of Telmessos, ruins of which can be seen in the city, e.g. Hellenistic theatre by the main quay. It is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially prized during the summer. Fethiye Museum, very rich in ancient and more recent artifacts, displays and testifies to the successive chain of civilizations which existed in the area, starting with ancient Lycia. Fethiye was formerly known as Makri (Μάκρη); Greeks deported from the area under the terms of the 1923 exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey founded the town of Nea Makri (New Makri) in Greece.
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