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Kutahya is a province of Turkey. It is 11.875 km² in size. The industries of Kutahya have long traditions, going back to ancient times. Kutahya is famous for its kiln products, such as tiles and pottery, which are glazed and multicoloured. Modern industries are sugar refining, tanning, nitrate processing and different products of meerschaum, which is extracted nearby. The local agricultural industry produces cereals, fruits and sugar beet. In addition stock raising is of much importance. Not far from Kutahya there are important mines extracting lignite. Kutahya is linked by rail and road with Balikesir 250 km to the west, Konya 450 km to the southeast, Eskisehir 70 km northeast and Ankara 300 km east. Kutahya's old neighbourhoods are dominated by traditional Ottoman houses made of wood and stucco, some of the best examples being found along Germiyan Caddesi. The region of Kutahya has large areas of gentle slopes with agricultural land culminating in high mountain ridges to the north and west. The Kutahya Museum has a fine collection of arts and cultural artefacts from the area. The city's university is named Dumlupinar University and was founded in 1992, named after a significant battle in the formation of modern day Turkey. Aesop, the ancient Greek writer of fables, is believed to have been born in Kütahya.
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