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Denizli province lies in the Aegean Region, between 28˚ 30’ and 29˚ 30’ East and 37˚ 12’and 38˚ 12’ North. It covers an area of 11,868 square kilometers. Approximetely 28-30% of the land consists of plains, 25% is high plateu and tableland, and 47% is mountainous. Mount Honaz is the highest mountain in the province, and indeed in Western Anatolia with an elevation of 2571 meters. Babadag (Father Mountain) in the Mentes mountain range has a height of 2308 meters. The biggest lake in Denizli is Acigol (Bitter Lake). Only a part of the lake is within the borders of Denizli. Industrial salts (sodium sulfate) are extracted from this lake which is competely sterile. There is a thermal spring at the west side of Sarayköy that is shares the same source as the Great Menderes River. This hot spring contains bicarbonates and sulfates. There is a hot spring in Kizildere which reaches 200˚C. A geothermal steam source was first found in the region in 1965 during drilling work. Today there is a power plant producing electrical energy from geothermal steam energy as well as a dry ice (compressed Carbon dioxide) factory, greenhouses and hot springs. Only 11% of the geothermal energy source is used to produce electricity and 89% of it, which flows into the Great Menderes, is 150˚C at source (it is contains energy equal to 35,000 – 40,000 tonnes of fuel oil). The cock of Denizli is a breed of cock identified with the province of Denizli, being a focus of interest with its appearance and colour, along with its prolonged and melodious crows. The cocks of Denizli only live in Denizli, and have been able to survive by adapting themselves to all kinds of environmental conditions and resisting many poultry epidemics throughout many centuries.
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