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This category is for sites devoted to games which are non-commercial in nature. These would include:
  • Freeware Games
  • Amateur games made with programs such as XNA Game Studio or RPG Maker.
  • Small companies or individuals developing games without sponsorship from a large corporate games studio.
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Interactivites Ink - Alien Software downloads and sales, including the Neophyte series. Middle Earth: The Third Age - Development information. RuneSword - A computer role playing game that includes two large adventures, a few smaller ones, a random adventure generator and the RuneSword RPG construction set. Features downloads, screen shots, message board, FAQs and links. Legend Of Dragons - Freeware 8-bit console style game written with Quick Basic 4.5. Fate of Io - Volunteer-based non-profit project aimed at producing a single-player RPG game for the computer. Contributions from a variety of areas is needed, including concept art, character development, music and programming. Features world, characters and story. Robin of the Wood - Review by Crash. Game produced by Odin Computer Graphics in machine code. [94%] Dungeon Craft - A free and open source gaming engine RPG game maker. Screenshots, news, and download. HeroicFantasyGames - Developer of Knights of the Chalice, a turn-based RPG for Windows, and includes screen shots, downloads, and forums. Silmar - A multiplayer, multiplatform randomly-generated-dungeon exploration game. RPG Reborn - Free multiplayer online RPG inspired by Legends of Kesmai. Project Zomboid - A retro-style zombie survival RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux. Describes the current and upcoming features, modding information, and how to purchase. Winter Wolves Games - Site of the successful jrpg game producer, Celso Riva. Contains his games, FAQ and news. Disaster Cake - Site about the project Soul Saga from Mike Gale. Contains FAQ, news and media. Heroes of Loot - Dungeon crawling indie game from Orange Pixel. Contains Dev Log, Media and Guide. Jaybot7 - Produced games. portfolio and about NEO Scavenger - A turn-based survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Runs on PC, Mac, Linux, and browser. Rendonan Game - 2D top-down/platformer style Roleplaying Game, registration required to log in. Traevaine Entertainment - Work in Progress RPG game Panthera. Gemstone Dragon - Isometric role-playing game for both the flash player platform and desktop. RainbruRPG - A 3D multiplayer role playing game project based on Ogre3D.
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