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Roleplaying computer games and related software available for download.
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Progress Quest - Players build their character from a ninety-pound level one teenager, to a warrior, well able to snuff out the lives of a barnload of bugbears without need of so much as a lunch break. (Windows) IRE - User-editable clone of Ultima 6 for DOS, Windows, BeOS, or Linux. (Open Source, BSD) Silmar - Provides a download of the game called "Silmar", information and screenshots. (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) Exult - Version of Ultima VII for Unix, Windows, Mac, BeOS. Lost Hero - A classic-style Java-based game, with information and download. Wheel Of Time - Light And Shadow - An online virtual community in Java based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books. [Open Source, GPL] Dark Ages II: Engel - Medieval Windows game in which three thieves must solve the mystery that unravels when they are betrayed by their guild. Legends of Thantil - A 2D console-style adventure taking place in the world of Thantil. (Open Source) RuneSword 2 - Create and play medieval adventures for Windows. Includes a full-length mission, skills, races and strategic combat. Sacraments - Provides a download of "Sacraments". Includes information and screenshots. Faldon - Online role playing game for Windows with equipment, items, magic, skills, levels, experience, and a real-time battle system. Eldwood - Download the free role playing games "Lightslayer", "Ghost of the Haunted Grove" and "Wrath of Darkness". Mark Damon Hughes: Umbra - Free humanity in a randomly-generated world. (Requires Python)
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