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Self was the first prototype-based programming language, and may still be the best known. Its development was inspired and strongly influenced by the pioneering work on Smalltalk By Xerox PARC. Self is a Smalltalk follow-on, and can be seen as a Smalltalk variant or dialect; though this is not strictly so if one defines Smalltalks as based on classes only, not prototypes. Self emerged from the University of California, Berkeley Smalltalk program, a custom RISC chip designed to run Smalltalk-80. Berkeley got the very first Smalltalk license (making it the first post-PARC Smalltalk) from Xerox PARC so they could put Smalltalk on their chip. Dave Ungar was head of the project, and became the main author of Self. He wanted to make a language that was in the Smalltalk family, but based on some different assumptions. Smalltalk is a very pure language, with a small number of principles, but Ungar wanted an even purer Smalltalk. The result was Self. Some wrote it SELF, but standard usage is Self. Self is a very minimal language based on a small, minimum number (3) of simple, concrete ideas, each of which merges two ideas from programming: 1) Prototypes = inheritance + instantiation. 2) Slots = variables + procedures (functions, methods). 3) Behavior = state + behavior.
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Guru - Tool for automatic restructuring (refactoring) of Self inheritance hierarchies. Such tools are most useful with OO languages, more so prototype-based. Brief description, example diagram, links. [Open Source, GPL] Hello, World program - Self Guru: SourceForge - Project page: downloads, forums, statistics. Merlintec Computadores Ltda: Merlin Computers - Brazilian firm founded to advance Self language, Self-R OS, and computers using Self. News, company information, products, technology. Sponsors of SelFest 2000, São Carlos, Brazil. English, Português. Self on Linux - Port of Self language from SunOS to i386+ PCs: Linux, and Smalltalk/V for Windows 2.0; descriptions, downloads, links. [Open Source, GPL] The Slate Programming Language - Brief article related to developers, announcements, and programming; many forum comments. [Slashdot] Yahoo Groups: Self-interest - Mail list and archive for discussing Self programming language. dSelf - Extension to the delegation and prototype-based object-oriented language Self, adds distributed objects and transparent remote reference resolution to the languages, so it facilitates distributed inheritance and instantiation mechanisms. dSelf: A Distributed Self - Extension to delegation and prototype-based object-oriented language Self: adds distributed objects, transparent remote reference resolution, thus facilitating distributed inheritance and instantiation mechanisms. [ResearchIndex]
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