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Ruby is an Open Source, interpreted, dynamically typed, pure object-oriented scripting language for fast, easy programming, from Japan. It is simple, straightforward, extensible, more elegant than Perl, fewer parentheses than Lisp. It has many features to process text files and do system management, as in Perl. If you want a language for easy OO programming, don't like Perl inelegance, or like the concept of Lisp, but dislike many parentheses, Ruby is a good option. Japan has more users of Ruby than Python. Historically, this is the first, and thus oldest, sizable set of Ruby links outside of Japan.
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ruby-talk - Ruby mail list log/archive, powered by Shin-ichiro Hara's Ruby smart archiver. blade - Site opens with pretty graphic, and otherwise looks thin, but has huge archives of many Ruby mail groups: ruby-list, ruby-dev, ruby-ext, ruby-math, ruby-talk, fj.comp.lang.ruby, comp.lang.ruby, News, News2, Mailing Lists; linux-users. Ruby Central, Inc. - Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting growth of open source Ruby programming language; manages RubyConf, donation clearinghouse, presence and point of contact for corporate sponsors. Ruby - Ruby QuickRef, code snippets. MetaRuby project status. Ruby Language audit: 1.0.1. RubyConf 2002-05 schedules and online presentations. Ruby Cookbook. [The Language Freak] PLEAC-Ruby - The Perl Cookbook presents a suite of common programming problems solved in that language. This project aims to gather fans of programming to implement solutions in many other languages. [Open Source] Ruby Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia] Ruby Code & Style - Peer reviewed online journal: articles, news, Weblogs, buzz, chapters, forums. Artima Software. nycruby - Group of Ruby and Rails programmers who live and work in the New York City area. Merger of ruby-nyc and rubyonrails-nyc. Vista Insight Ruby Directory - Project goal: to be the definitive guide for Ruby programming language and Rails framework; many categories. Comparing and Introducing Ruby - Short introduction to features, compares Ruby to Perl, Python.
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