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Report Program Generator, a programming language for business applications, was developed by IBM during the 1960's. Although IBM introduced RPG during an era of other commonly used programming languages such as Fortran, Cobol and Assembler, RPG gained wide acceptance as a quick and easy method of writing programs for a variety of business applications. As a result, RPG gained popularity on small-scale computer systems and quickly stepped into medium and large-scale installations. Evolving with IBM's various midrange and mainframe computer systems, the RPG programming language has progressed from RPG to RPG II, to RPG III, to RPG IV, to RPG ILE and now RPG Free. Much of the success and quick acceptance of RPG is because of its ability to handle some specific "housekeeping" chores that other languages only perform manually. The "inner clock" in the RPG Cycle addresses areas such as opening files, clearing and loading successive field values, turning indicators on and off, as well as following a program's logical progression from input to output. IBM has continually enhanced the RPG programming language, providing new operations that simplify the code and greater flexibility to control integration across platforms. The latest ILE version, Integrated Language Environment, presents RPG in the most structured, modular format ever, allowing programs to "branch out" to external routines of various languages, yet still perform as if they were one. Again, IBM has further enhanced the code by providing built-in functions (BIFs) and breaking away from fixed format specifications with RPG Free.
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RPG Alive - A tool for analyzing and modifying RPG source on iSeries (AS/400). RPG-Alive speeds up the development of applications by adding graphical elements to the OS/400 Programming Development Environment (PDM). ASNA, Inc. - Amalgamated Software of North America focuses on Windows and Web development environments for AS/400 and Microsoft NT/2000 Server. Products: Visual RPG/Caviar (AVR), Acceler8DB, DataGate/400; Database Toolbox for C++, Java, VB. San Antonio, Texas; European offices. Capricorn Information Systems - Information technology firm specializing in application development for AS/400 and iSeries customers using VisualAge RPG. Bryan Meyers - Details of the RPG IV and ILE training and books available for the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) platform. Linoma Software: RPG Toolbox - Allows to modernize RPG programs, write applications and maintain source code. Its devolpers offers manual and brochure. [Commercial, trial version] RPG for OpenVMS - An IBM RPG II compatible compiler which runs under OpenVMS. It can be used to migrate software applications written in IBM RPG II, VAX RPG, WANG RPG, Sperry RPG, WANG RPG, Unisys RPG and other versions of RPG to HP OpenVMS. IBM RPG - Wikipedia - The encyclopedia article covers language overview, history, and evolution and offers information RPG IV and platforms and links. RPG World - An IBM AS/400 and iSeries education event held in the Spring and Fall of each year. It is training for IBM AS/400 and iSeries RPG IV programmers for which session information and registration forms are presented.
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