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Sites with information on PL/M compilers for all Intel architectures.
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Alternative Solutions- PLM2C - A compiler-translator which accepts PL/M source files and produces ANSI or K and R C as output. Includes documentation and translation examples. Free demo download. PL/M 386 Programmer's Guide - Reference for the PL/M 386 language and compiler. Includes language description and grammar, differences between various PL/M versions, and how to link and run a PL/M 386 program. plm-parse - Skeleton parser for PL/M implemented in Flex and Bison. The grammar describes PL/M 386 and where possible, will accept various other dialects. Wikipedia: PL/M - Encyclopedia article with description of PL/M, references, and links. The Unofficial CP/M Web Site - CP/M Software and documentation including source and executable PL/M compilers and documentation. Micro-Processor Services - Translator for PL/M to C, C++, C#, JAVA or J#. "Systems Languages: Management's Key to Controlled Software Evolution" - Paper by Gary Kildall presented at WESCON, 1974 Discussion of the advantages of PL/M over assembler, optimization improvement of various PL/M compilers using Quicksort example program. "High Level Language Simplifies Microcomputer Programming" - Gary Kildall article from Electronics Magazine, June 1974. Description of PL/M on the Intel MCS-8, with sample code. PL/M-80 Language Summary - Description of the syntax and semantics of PL/M-80. Development Assistant for PL/M - An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Analyzer, Editor, Browser, Graph, Metrics, from RistanCASE GmbH. - Intel PL/M and PL/M-86 manuals.
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