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Scheme is a dialect of Lisp stressing conceptual elegance and simplicity. It returns to the mathematical foundation of lambda calculus from which Lisp originated. Scheme is specified in the Revised^5 Report on Scheme (R5RS) and IEEE standard P1178. Scheme is far smaller than Common Lisp; the specification is about 50 pages, compared to Common Lisp's 1300 page draft standard. Scheme advocates often find it amusing that the entire Scheme standard is shorter than the index to Guy Steele's "Common Lisp: the Language, 2nd Edition". Scheme is often used in computer science curricula and programming language research due to its ability to represent many programming abstractions with its simple primitives. Common Lisp is often used for real world programming due to its large library of utility functions, a standard object-oriented programming facility (CLOS), and a sophisticated condition handling system. However, certain die-hard Scheme programmers (or "Schemers") have developed large Scheme systems including libraries which provide much if not all of the functionality of Common Lisp, including CLOS. Development and discussion are ongoing to develop a recommended library (or libraries) of extensions to the Scheme language to bring such efforts closer in line with each other and to have semi-standardized behavior.
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The Scheme Programming Language - Main page at MIT, Scheme's birthplace; short list of implementations, some general documentation, information on the MIT Scheme implementation, some random links. The Scheme Underground - An effort aimed at developing useful software packages in Scheme for use in research projects and for distribution on the net. - A collection of resources for the Scheme language. Information on all aspects of Scheme: implementations, papers, and code. Maintained by the Rice Programming Languages Team, the folks behind MzScheme and DrScheme. Schemers, Inc. - Publishes and carries excellent educational materials, including books, using the Scheme programming language. Has Windows and Macintosh Scheme interpreters and a Scheme-driven state-of-the-art solid modeler. Scheme Requests For Implementation - A forum for people interested in coordinating libraries and other extensions of the Scheme language between implementations. Indiana University's Internet Scheme Repository - The definitive resource for Scheme on the net. Includes a large catalog of implementations, useful source code, and documents, many of which you won't find anywhere else. Online Bibliography of Scheme Research - Bibliography of articles, theses, and technical reports related to the Scheme language. Where an online version of the paper is available, a link is provided. The Scheme Programming Language - By R. Kent Dybvig; Prentice Hall, 1996, ISBN 0134546466, 2nd edition. Reference book, describes R5RS Scheme in style similar to K and R [Online full text version]. Hello, World Program - Scheme version of this canonical first program. The comp.lang.scheme FAQ - Usenet discussion group FAQ archive. Lisp and Scheme Meetup Day - Meetup with other local programmers interested in Lisp, Scheme and other functional programming languages. CMU Scheme Repository - Part of the greater CMU AI Repository. Has a large overlap with the Indiana repository. Scheme Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia] Practical Scheme - Libraries and extensions to use Scheme as a production tool, to process daily chores for system engineers and programmers: parse files, generate reports, watch processes, provide small GUI wrappers, etc. English, Japanese. Reports on the Algorithmic Language Scheme - Specifications for the programming language Scheme. RRRS-Authors Mailing List Archive - An archive of the mailing list of the authors of the RnRS, from 1984 to 1998.
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